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What is white noise?

Answer . White noise is random sound that contains an equal amount of all the frequency components across the spectrum one is testing. It sounds sorta like the hiss one hea ( Full Answer )
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What is crosstalk noise?

Crosstalk is an undesired coupling from one circuit or medium to another.. In amateur tradio, crosstalk is defined as any phenomenon by which a signal transmitted on one freq ( Full Answer )
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How do you hear noises?

When something makes a noise, it sends vibrations, or sound waves, through the air. The human eardrum is a stretched membrane, like the skin of a drum. When the sound waves ( Full Answer )
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What is noise?

The simplest definition is any sound that is unwanted. 'Noise' whenreferring to any waveform or signal, is interference from otheroutside sources that contaminates the origina ( Full Answer )
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What is port noise?

Port noise is when air gets into and moves through a port on aspeaker in a car. Port noise happens more often with Subwoofersbecause they have more airflow than a regular spea ( Full Answer )
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Types of noise?

Noise is any disturbance or distortion that comes in the process of communication. It is a part of the secondary variable of the communication. Noise can be of two types. I ( Full Answer )
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How avoid to noise?

Build a wall around the noise source.. Go far away from the sound source.. Measure the sound pressure level at the distance where your ear is and learn about the inverse dis ( Full Answer )
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What causes noise?

Before anyone can give a sensible answer to this question, whoever asked it should please log in and edit the question to explain what exactly what "noise" is being asking abo ( Full Answer )
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Why is there noise pollution?

Noise is a waste like any other pollutant. It is produced inadvertently when machines and equipment are not functioning properly. Noise can also be produced purposefully by PA ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with noises?

There is really no words I know that rhymes wit noises, but here are 2 other words that sound a bit noises - choices and voices.
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What are dolphins noises?

Dolphins can emit a very wide variety of sounds, with the frequency levels ranging ten times beyond what humans can hear. This system is called "echolocation", or "sonar", ju ( Full Answer )
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What is the weirdest noise?

Here are the weirdest noises:. Shabba mama. Japanese dude . Shabbadia. Shiny shinyshiny shiny shiny shiny shiny . King jebies. seongggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ( Full Answer )
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What noise does the harp do?

Harps make a variety of noises and various other sounds. The harp can make a buzzing noise while a string is in between a flat, natural, or sharp. The harp can make a sound ca ( Full Answer )
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What is photography noise?

Noise in photography can be either visible "grain" in the prints when using faster films, or visible pixels when the ISO speed of the sensor is boosted. Noise can interfere wi ( Full Answer )
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What is radioactive noise?

The ground has small amounts of radioactive elements which means they emitt alpha rays, beta rays & gamma rays. Some locations have more then others but there's a little just ( Full Answer )
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Why noise said to additive noise?

This additive noise come from varies factors , one of the main factor is Temperature.Why this noise said to additive in the sense this noise only adding the signal not integra ( Full Answer )
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What is equipment noise?

Electronic devices often emit a high pitched low volume squeel. This is often the result of transformers or capacitors as current passes through them. Alternatively, this may ( Full Answer )
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What is noise filter?

noise filters are used in electronics and electric curcuts to reduce the the noise level which the electric switching generats sometimes the are single phase and there are thr ( Full Answer )
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What noise does a goat?

What noise does a goat make? Well, maa. It sounds sort of like a sheep, but less deep.
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What is continuous noise?

typically defined as an uninterrupted sound such as low constant humming sound of the air conditioner or refrigerator
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Is noise a verb?

Not except in a colloquial meaning. Noise is a noun referring to a sound, or to sounds in general. The near-archaic verb use is to mean "spread a report or rumor."
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What is emotional noise?

Noises in your head that distract you from concentrating. Ex. this noise could be a conversation you had early on that you are reflecting on it in your head.
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What noise do you love?

noise gives a negative feeling maybe sound? such as music, birds tweeting, children whispering, people walking, ocean waves, or falling leaves..
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What noise annoys a noise oyster?

The phrase, "A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster" should be credited to Dr Seuss, the famous expert on rhymes, who wrote the first Gerald McBoing Boing cartoon in the 50s. In the e ( Full Answer )
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Is noise an adverb? is a noun. I think you mean NOISILY, as in "The car drove noisily past."....which IS an adverb.
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How do you get noises 2?

noises occur when an object vibrates causing the particles in the air to vibrate the waves travel in compressions and rarepressions in the air until they reach your ear
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How do you get noise?

the vibration of whatever is making noise. then the wave travels to your ear drum and vibrates it.
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How does noise get polluted?

It is not the noise being polluted, it is the world around us being polluted by noise. Although it accounts for only a small number of direct injuries (hearing loss, accide ( Full Answer )
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What is the adverb for noised?

NOTE: The word "noised" is the past tense and adjective of the practically archaic verb " to noise " (to clamor or spread rumors) and not directly related to the noun noise (a ( Full Answer )
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What is psophometric noise?

This is background noise, so small that you might need a psophometer to measure it. A psophometer would have an agreed bandwidth and be looking around -40 to -80 dBm. It would ( Full Answer )
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What is radiographic noise?

Radiographic noise, or quantum mottle is the noisy or static artifacts on an underexposed xray image. The quantum mottle is a product of the computed radiography processor com ( Full Answer )
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What is blue noise?

Believe it or not there are different colors of noise. The colors correspond with the noise power density. For example, blue noise's power density increases 3 dB per octave.
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What is noise criteria?

Noise criteria, commonly known as NC, is a numerical index used torate indoor noise, noise from air-conditioning equipment, and noisein any other given space.
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What is noise-?

The official definition of the word noise is "a sound, especiallyone that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance."