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Where is Te Wahipounamu?

Te Wahipounamu is a World Heritage Area in the South Island of New Zealand. It includes the Fiordland, Westland and Mt Cook National Parks.
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What is te llamo?

"te llamo," pronounced "tay-yamo" means "I'll call you." literally, it means "I call you," but colloquially you can just say "te llamo" when you mean to tell someone that you (MORE)
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What is TE?

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What is an AT-TE?

All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, from Star Wars. Its the small, short one, that resembles a beetle. It was used by the Old Republic. More information can be found at the Rel (MORE)
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What is a te in football?

A TE in football is a Tight End. A tight end is a very versatile player on the offensive side. The Tight End can block, go out for passes and even carry or throw the ball. You (MORE)
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When will be te?

Are you sure there isn't an accent over e of te? if there is, it means 'tea', else 'you'
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What is a TE microscope?

I think you mean TEM. It stands for Transmission. Electron. Microscope:D Hope I helped. P.S I am only 12.
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What does Te deseco?

I think you mean "Te deseo" = I desire you / I fancy you
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Te quiero te adoro te amo?

Literally, "I want you, I adore you, I love you." The term "Te quiero" is usually translated as "I love you" also.
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Is TE a state?

"te" is a pronoun and if it has an accent it means tea
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Where is Te'-man?

Teman In Bible versions: Teman : NET AVS NIV NRSV NASB TEV . son of Eliphaz son of Esau a chief of Edom a town or region of Edom . the south; Africa; perfect (MORE)
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How do you answer te gusta?

It depends on what you're asked. In a question, te gusta means "Do you like...?". You would respond with either "Sí, me gusta ...." or "No, no me gusta ...." So if someo (MORE)
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What is 1 te 2 te 3 te 4 te mean in music?

when someone counts like "one te two te three te four te" in music, that means the are subdividing. That means instead of counting the four beats in one measure they include t (MORE)
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What does te mando?

either;I command you or I send you
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What are Ta and Te Te?

Ta = take care, beware; tut tut; stay, I recollect Te Te - You You (?)
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Is te a prefix?

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What is Sr Te?

Perhaps Mr. T? Sr being a shortening of Señor and Te being how the letter T is pronounced.