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What is a gaffer?

Answer . An electrician in charge of lighting on a movie or television set.. A gaffer could mean a boss in the UK, or a movie industry, or a type of adhesive tape, or it c (MORE)

Who is the gaffer in a film credit?

Gaffer is the chief electrician of a film or television productionresponsible for the execution of the lighting plan for theproduction. This term originated from the moving of (MORE)

What is gaffer in film?

A gaffer is a person who does odd jobs around the set such as using gaffer tape, carrying cable, setting up equipment and getting coffee.
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Do gaffers create films with a camera?

No. Gaffers are the head electricians on a movie set. Best boys arethe gaffer's best electricians, and grips handle and moveeverything from lights to camera dollies.