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Why is your cat gagging?

most likely because they have eaten something rotten and then eaten grass to help soothe their stomach nothing too bad it happens frequently to some cats with weak stomachs
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What is a gag?

depending on what you gag you mean . - a device for keeping the patient's mouth open during a dentalor surgical operation. . - a piece of cloth put in or over a person's mou (MORE)

What is a gag reflex?

The gag reflex is a type of reaction that often occursautomatically in the body. It occurs in the throat due to itÊnotwanting to or not being able to swallow.

What does gagged mean?

Gagged means you are unable to speak. Let's say someone duct taped your mouth or stuffed a cloth in your mouth. You cannot speak so you are being gagged.

What is gagged?

Gagging is when you ( subject ) being boy or girl is tided to a bed (and )(or) handcuffed and the ( girl/guy would do anything to the subject tided to the bed being the( girl (MORE)
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Why do you gag for no reason?

There are a number of things that would cause you to gag for noreason. Smoking is one of the main causes as the lungs are affectedand are not able to take air as required.

Why do dogs gag?

\nBecause there air way get blocked and then they can't breath ( This can happen when your dog get to excited or fell down and hit there throat.
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Why is your pug gagging?

pugs only gag becuase either they ate something like grass or they want your attention