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What sentence can you make using gaped?

you could use "she gaped at the hole in the ground" or "he gaped at her after he was told this" or even "he gaped at the strange man standing in the doorway"
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What does gaping mean?

It can mean staring, open-mouthed, but is normally used to mean an open fissure or crack
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How was the gaping gill formed?

The Gaping Gill was formed by chemicals in rainwater from the river 'Fell Beck' dissolving the limestone ground until it made a massive hole - Gaping Gill!
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What is gaping?

Gaping can mean staring with eyes wide open. It can also mean any wide opening, such as a gaping woung, or a gaping chasm, gaping tear in a piece of fabric etc.
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What is a spark plug gaped at on a 327?

Depends on weather your referring to a modern vehicle with a fuelinjection 327, or a classic car. Depends on if points or electronicignition . An example being a 68 Chevy 327 (MORE)
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How do you get gaped?

You can't get "gaped". However, you could gape at something, or you could have gaped at it. It means to stare at it. Was "Gaped a typo?
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Can you give a sentence with the word 'gape'?

'He could only gape as the lustrous jewellery passed beneath his gaze.' 'The monkey gaped at the explorer that made his way through the jungle.'
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Need an antonym for gaped?

Need an antonym for gaped . not gaped . wide open . no space between .
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What are synonyms for gaping?

agape gawking gawping yawing yawning wide, great, open, broad, vast, cavernous
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What does the word gaping mean?

\n \n\n. Wide open. A gaping hole is a wide open hole. A gaping mouth is one which is hanging open, usually from astonishment.