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What is a plug gap?

It's the actual gap between the two electrodes of a spark plug. The recommended gap is set by the engine manufacturer. Some spark plugs cannot have the gap adjusted, typically (MORE)
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What is gap insurance?

GAP insurance is coverage that covers the difference between the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident and the amount that is owed on the loan at the time of the ac (MORE)
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Who is the CEO of Gap?

Answer . Glenn Murphy is the CEO of Gap Inc.
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What is a seismic gap?

\nan area along the fault where relatively few earthquakes have occurred recently but where strong earthquakes are known to have occurred in the past..
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What is a gap?

Answer . \nOne spark plug or points it is the air space that the spark has to jump from one terminal to the other
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Why is there a development gap?

To do something tht you cannot do such a thing that people are losing their jobs thats why there is delopment gap between those countries that thy can resch thir dreams so tha (MORE)
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What is the development gap?

the development gap divides the richer (the richer north) and poorer (the poorer south) countries.
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What is ethical gap?

An ethical gap is an actual gap in a company where ethics areconcerned. They may say and act one way but ultimately they doanother, thus causing a gap of ethics to form.
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What is the wealth gap?

A wealth gap is the difference between rich and poor people. Scientists use this word to help them discuss the poverty in foreign countries.. A wealth gap is the difference b (MORE)
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Why is GAP shop called GAP?

When Gap was founded in 1969, its targeted customers were younger generations (hence the name of the store, which refers to the generation gap of the time). Gap's hottest sell (MORE)
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Sentence of gap?

there was a big gap between the bridge
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What does gap stand for GAP?

It stands for Greenwood, Archer and Pine which were the three streets known as "Black Wall Street" and "Little Africa"after the turn of the century. On June 1, 1921, a mob of (MORE)
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What is hydride gap?

The metals of 7th, 8th and 9th groups in the periodic table do not form hydrides and this region of periodic table is referred to as the hydride gap.
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Why do girls gap?

If by "gap" you mean that their internal and external sphinter relaxes to the point that you can see all the way into their lower intestine. The reason this occurs is that wit (MORE)
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What are seismic gap?

a segment of an active fault zone that has not experienced a major earthquake over a span when most other segments have. such segments are probable sites for future major eart (MORE)
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What is international gap?

The General Secretary of the German Social Democrats, Andrea Nahles, is at the Democratic National Convention. She's rooting for Obama and warns that a President Romney could (MORE)
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What is an opportunity gap?

An opportunity gap is the difference between groups of people intheir access to things like education, healthcare, employment, etc. So, for instance, if you look at low-incom (MORE)
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What is energy gap?

The separation between the various energy levels that electrons canoccupy in a given material. It is usually expressed in units ofelectron volts (eV), although other units of (MORE)
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What are the hours for the gap?

Opening hours for Gap stores vary as per mall by-laws and holidays. Generally, stores are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with slight variations. One should contact their local Gap (MORE)
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What was the generation gap?

The generational gap is a term popularized in Western countriesduring the 1960s referring to differences between people of youngergenerations and their elders, especially betw (MORE)