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How do you stop your fish from gasping for air?

Fish Gasping For Air . If your fish are swimming up to the surface and gasping for air it a sure sign that there is not enough oxygen in the tank; another sign may be an in ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Gaspe Peninsula?

The Gaspe Peninsula is located in Quebec, Canada. The majorwaterway to the north is the St. Lawrence Seaway. Anticosti Islandis just to the northeast of the Gaspe Peninsula.
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What will you do if you a child begin to gasp for air?

call 911\n. \nslap it on the back and tell it to "suck it up like a man"\n. \nshake it violently\n. \nif all else fails stab it in the eye and find the nearest dumpster\n. ( Full Answer )
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What happened at Gaspe Bay in 1534?

In 1534 at Gaspe Bay Cartier had set up a large cross 9 metres high, decorated with fleur-de-lis, insribed "Long Live the King of France" and it was set up so he could cleverl ( Full Answer )
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What does gasp mean?

gasp* you dont know what gasp is. gasp is a form of way of saying your suprised
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What rhymes with gasp?

NOT real words- aasp, basp ,casp, dasp ,easp, fasp iasp jasp kasp lasp masp oasp pasp qasp sasp tasp uasp vasp xasp yasp zasp Real words- Hasp, Wasp, nape, Rasp
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Why do girls gasp when there breasts are touched?

Because, the breasts are a personal matter and it surprises girls when they are touched in this particular area. We can tell when it's accidental, so think twice before you do ( Full Answer )
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What cause you gasping after a long run?

When you run, oxygen demand increases greatly. This increase makes your heart beat faster which in turn makes you gasp/take big breaths.
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How do you write the sounds of gasping?

Well I'm not sure but in most comics its like GASP in uppercase and the character has a surprised face.
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Pet mouse is gasping for air?

You should take it to a vet soon then because it probably won't get any better on its own. It may need to be put down.
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How do you use the word gasped in a sentence?

Well gasped is a verb... so when you're attributing an action to a character or subject you can use it then. Ex. Just as he though he would faint from lack of oxygen, he foug ( Full Answer )
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Will a horse make a gasping noise when in pain?

I have never heard a horse make that noise. I suppose it is possible. Normally they scream a scream that is very loud and distinctly horse.
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What rhymes with gasping?

Rhymes with Gasping: . Clasping. Grasping. Hasping . Rasping Please see: Sources and Related links section
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Your chick is gasping for air what should you do?

Warm water on a soft cloth and wipe any mucus away from the beak and nostrils. Add a couple of teaspoons of cider vinegar to each litre of water in the water supply. (no more ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell gasped?

That is the correct spelling of the word "gasped" (inhaled, as in shock or surprise).
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Is gasped an adverb?

No, gasped can be a verb form or adjective (gasped breaths, gaspedwords). There is an adverb (gaspingly) formed from the presentparticiple, gasping.
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When you gasp?

We gasp when we have difficulty breathing. We also gasp in reaction to emotional events, such as surprise, shock or disgust. In these cases it is an involuntary reaction.
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Is gasp a verb?

Gasp as in the action "to gasp" is a verb. Gasp as in the description "a large intake of breath" is a noun. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, etc) ( Full Answer )
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How do you write gasped in dialouge?

You don't. Good writers don't use synonyms for "he said" or "shesaid." Writing "he gasped" or "she shuddered" detracts from thewriting and jerks the reader out of the story. I ( Full Answer )
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Is gasping an adjective?

It can be. As the present participle of the verb "to gasp" it canmodify nouns. Examples: Firefighters found the smoke-filled subway car filled with gaspingcommuters. Gasping o ( Full Answer )
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What are agonal gasps?

Is not normal breathing. It is a sign of cardiac arrest in someonewho doesn't respond
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What actors and actresses appeared in Gasp - 2009?

The cast of Gasp - 2009 includes: Norman Ballesteros as Crowd Oliver Ballesteros as Sammy Todd Borcher as Joseph Jones Adam De Los Santos as Marvin Bernard John Leach as Geoff ( Full Answer )