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How do you stop your fish from gasping for air?

Fish Gasping For Air . If your fish are swimming up to the surface and gasping for air it a sure sign that there is not enough oxygen in the tank; another sign may be an in (MORE)
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Where is the Gaspe Peninsula?

The Gaspe Peninsula is located in Quebec, Canada. The majorwaterway to the north is the St. Lawrence Seaway. Anticosti Islandis just to the northeast of the Gaspe Peninsula.
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What if a quail is gasping?

If quails are gasping, they may be thirsty or calling quietly to their mates.
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What cause you gasping after a long run?

When you run, oxygen demand increases greatly. This increase makes your heart beat faster which in turn makes you gasp/take big breaths.
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How do you use the word gasped in a sentence?

Well gasped is a verb... so when you're attributing an action to a character or subject you can use it then. Ex. Just as he though he would faint from lack of oxygen, he foug (MORE)
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What rhymes with gasping?

Rhymes with Gasping: . Clasping. Grasping. Hasping . Rasping Please see: Sources and Related links section
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Your chick is gasping for air what should you do?

Warm water on a soft cloth and wipe any mucus away from the beak and nostrils. Add a couple of teaspoons of cider vinegar to each litre of water in the water supply. (no more (MORE)
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How do you spell gasped?

That is the correct spelling of the word "gasped" (inhaled, as in shock or surprise).
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Is gasped an adverb?

No, gasped can be a verb form or adjective (gasped breaths, gaspedwords). There is an adverb (gaspingly) formed from the presentparticiple, gasping.
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Is gasping an adjective?

It can be. As the present participle of the verb "to gasp" it canmodify nouns. Examples: Firefighters found the smoke-filled subway car filled with gaspingcommuters. Gasping o (MORE)
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What are agonal gasps?

Is not normal breathing. It is a sign of cardiac arrest in someonewho doesn't respond