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What is a gen light?

That would be short for "generator" light. If that light is on while the engine is running, the charging system is not working and you are running off of battery power only.
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What Is Auto- Gen?

Auto Gen is a tool that is used to accommodate in the maintenanceof programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text.
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What does gen mean?

Generation if you mean 1st gen 2nd gen then its the generation of car. the years they were made the first gen is the first set of years the car was produced. 2nd gen is the 2n ( Full Answer )
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What is a gen x or gen y?

Gen x or y are different groups of people that where born at acertin time. Hope this helps Gen x were born 65-80 and btw not slackers and y 80-99
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Is the root gen Latin?

Both Greek and Latin had words in gen - derived from an original Proto-Indo-European root gen-, meaning "produce, beget," and there are words in English from both sources. ( Full Answer )
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Why is my gen light on?

Your "gen" light can be on for a number of reasons. firstly you will have to tell us what make and model car you are referring to, some cars have different wiring so having th ( Full Answer )
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Can you jailbreak 3.1.3 3 gen?

Yes you can. there is a new jailbreak out called "spirit". Google it "spirit jailbreak"
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What is Nexx Gen Designs?

Nexx Gen Designs is a company created by Jevoy Palmer. His company creates logos and corporate Identities for upcoming businesses. They also do revamping for existing companie ( Full Answer )
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Which battle placed Gen Meade against Gen Lee?

Gettysburg mead only one that battle becase lees comanders where not working with each othe Meade held the high ground in a well defended position that the enemy had to ass ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gen James Amos USMC?

Is General Amos a Mormon--of course he is. He comes from southern Idaho, went to the University of Idaho, is known to be very reserved and in need of a personality. He is a ( Full Answer )
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What is meta gen?

A meta gen is something which creates something else The most famous example of this is the genetic engineering of E.coli with the specific task of producing human insulin ( Full Answer )
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Who is gen suwa?

An Important Japanese Palaeoanthropologist who has worked in East Africa for the last few decades. Most notable for his work on Ardipithecus ramidus.
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Where can you get an iPod Nano Gen 5?

Any hardware just released will be in short supply for at least 2 weeks after release regardless of what stock is available on release day. Your local Apple Store will have t ( Full Answer )
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Is there a eeveelution in gen v?

As far as I have been able to tell, Pokemon Black/White have no Eevee evolution. The theme for the new game is this that you cannot catch old Pokemon in the new region, like y ( Full Answer )
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Can you upgrade your iPod Touch 3rd Gen to 4 Gen?

I'll just give you the annswer on how to do it ok so you go to app store and buy atleast every free game until your iPod or iPad is is full then download on your computer app ( Full Answer )
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What does the iPod touch fourth gen do?

An iPod touch 4th gen features similar things as previous iPods, only that this iPod has a camera; wich lets you record videos & take pictures. Another new feature is that it ( Full Answer )
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Is Gen Douglas McArthur a freemason?

Yes, Douglas McArthur was a Freemason. He became a Mason on January 17, 1936 by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines. He then affiliated with Manila Lodge #1 ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning latin word gen?

It can be literally translated as "race or nation", however, in ancient Rome the word Gens was used to describe a clan that claimed to have a common point of ancestry.
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What are some words that start with gen?

4-letter words gene, gens, gent, genu 5-letter words genes, genet, genic, genie, genii, genip, genoa, genom, genre, genro, gents, genua, genus 6-letter words gende ( Full Answer )
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Why did gen mcclellan lose his command?

Because he kept refusing to move until everything was ready, and this is often not practical. He was also misled about enemy numbers, with Pinkerton the detective making fant ( Full Answer )
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How do you jailbreak your iPod 4 gen?

Well that really depends, What version is your iPod. Every version can be jail broken, you just need to specify on it and I will gladly answer your question. they said four ( Full Answer )
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Who is the main klingon on next gen?

Worf, son of Mogh. He was a lietenant commander in charge of tactical and security on the Enterprise D. He was later reassigned to Deep Space 9 as tactical officer of the stat ( Full Answer )
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How do you get IOS5 on iPod 4th gen?

If it doesn't already come with it then go to iTunes and when your iPod comes up click "Check for Update" Then the proper update will download and install. If you already have ( Full Answer )
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Does iPod 4 gen have siri?

No, but it have voice control it's the same like Siri but you can't say "how many chick fi la are in my area" you can only say " message Kevin or face time mom play song the m ( Full Answer )
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What is gen psychology?

"Gen Psychology" likely refers to General Psychology. This may also be known as Psychology 101 when referring to university/college courses. This is the first class in psych ( Full Answer )
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Are you gen x or gen y?

Gen x as I was born between 65-80 Gen y are born 80-95 Gen z are born 96-10 Current generation born are alpha from 2010 Also boomers and other generations that makes up later ( Full Answer )