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Is the Wii a next-gen system?

Answer . Yes indeed it is considered a next-gen system. Even though it isn't up to par in the graphics department it is the next generation of Nintendo systems.
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Which is the best next-gen console?

THE WII is better for casual gamers, as the controls are motion sensing and it has many casual games and it also has a speaker on the 'wiimote'. The Wii has a miniscule coll (MORE)
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How old is Véronique Gens?

Véronique Gens is 45 years old (birthdate: April 19, 1966).
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What is same-gen fanfiction?

Same-gen fanfiction means that the fanfiction has two people of the same gender hooking up. boyxboy is yaoi while girlxgirl is yuri
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What Scrabble words end with gens?

4-letter words gens 7-letter words biogens, exogens, morgens, oxygens, pangens 8-letter words acrogens, antigens, cryogens, endogens, halogens, indigens, ionoge (MORE)
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How are most key gens created?

A key generator (also known colloquially as keygen) is a computer program that generates a licensing key necessary to activate a software program. Keygens generally created by (MORE)