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How do you get genital shingles?

shingles look like little blisters filled with fluid. i no dis because. iv got them. n its not very nice. it stings and is sore. HELP
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What is genital herpes?

When You;ve Been Sleeping with People that have Genital Herpes, Has warts growing on there privates .. No, Genital Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus that is contra ( Full Answer )
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What are genitals?

The Genitals are the male and female sex organs which are locatedbetween the legs. a sex organ when you have sex The sexual apparatus of animals.
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What is the genital area?

That area in the pelvic region where the male and female genitals reside. (Where the legs meet at the top)
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Can you get pimples on your genitals?

Yes, you can definitely get pimples on your genitals. It isactually quite common due to the large amount of sweat glands inthe genital region.
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Can you get acne on your genitals?

Actually, if you have acne-appearing lesions on your scrotum, it is probably folliculitis - a Staph infection. Therapy consists of good hygiene and either an oral or a topical ( Full Answer )
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What is your genitals?

Answer Genitals are the things that hang or sit between your legs. A.K.A your penis and vagina. and those which take part in courtship.
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How do you tattoo genitals?

Same way you do so other parts of the body. Though it may be painful, one might want to be awake during the process, with anesthetics. Consider that you would otherwise be kno ( Full Answer )
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What is the genital papilla?

\nthe genital papilla is a part of female external genitalia not present in humans, which apperars as a small, fleshy protuberance cranial to anus of the female.
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What is genitics?

Perhaps you mean genetics.. Genetics is a branch of biology that studies the inheritance of the characters. Her relevance has gone growing with the time because the role of D ( Full Answer )
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What is genitive?

The genitive case is the possessive case. In English. there is not an actual grammatical case for genitive; there are the possessive 's, the possessive of . For example, ( Full Answer )
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Can you get chlamydia from genital-genital contact?

Chlamydia is an STD and is mainly passed through genital contact. You can get it from oral, anal, and vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; and birth to a wo ( Full Answer )
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What genital warts?

Genital warts, sometimes called venereal warts, are growths or bumps contracted through sexual contact. They're caused by certain types of the human papillomavirus (HPV), whic ( Full Answer )
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Are allergies genitic?

There is currently believed to be both a genetic component and an environmental component to allergies. Children who have a close relative with an allergic condition -- ast ( Full Answer )
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What is genitive case?

The genitive or "possessive" case is used to show possession or similar relation. The mark of the genitive in English nouns is -'s ( "apostrophe ess ") for all singular nouns ( Full Answer )
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What are genital warts?

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease (virus) that usually causes warts in the genital or anus areas. when you get warts on your balls They are warts that typically ( Full Answer )
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What is genital engorgement?

For a man engorgement is his erection. for a woman it is her expanded, lengthened, ready vagina.
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Why is there hair on your genitals?

It is thought that humans have retained hair on the genital regions in both sexes to act as a form of lubricant during copulation - hair on hair creates far less friction than ( Full Answer )
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Is genitals a noun?

Yes, it is a plural noun for the reproductive organs. The wordgenital is the adjective form.
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What is the function of the genitals?

Reproduction. The two mechanical parts of the genitals are named with terms relating to the copulatory action (in mammals), these being penetration (penis) and envelopment or ( Full Answer )
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Can you get genital herpes from genital warts?

These are two totally different conditions. Check out the herpes simplex problems on Herpes Viruses Association website's Frequently Asked Questions page. For genital warts, s ( Full Answer )
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What are hypertrophied genitals?

Hypertrophied genitals is simply hypertrophy in a person'sgenitals. Hypertrophy is the increase in size of an organ due tothe increase in size of its cells. (There is the sam ( Full Answer )
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Can you get shingles on your genitals?

Yes, you can get shingles on your genitals. The symptoms are very similar to genital herpes. If you have bumps or sores on your genitals, it is important to see your health ca ( Full Answer )
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Do the Na'vi have genitals?

Yes, the females have reproductive/waste holes called Gro'tu. The Ut'ra or Penis, is much like the human anatomy in function. It retracts up into the body for protection again ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for genitive?

Well genitive means concerning reproduction, intercourse. So like some synonyms are:sexual, intimate , loving , passionate , procreative, reproductive, sensual , sharing ( Full Answer )
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Can you get an STD from genital-genital contact?

Yes, genital-genital contact can spread STDs. Those spread by skin-to-skin contact are most likely to be passed this way. These infections include HPV/genital warts, genital h ( Full Answer )
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What is genital molluscum?

Genital molluscum is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a poxvirus. It causes white bumps with a central depression. It most typically affects young people, but can af ( Full Answer )
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Can genital warts harm your genitals?

Genital Warts are caused by a low-risk strain of HPV which means they're not cancerous. GW's can be removed with treatment.
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What is the genitive used for?

The Genitive is another word for possessive. Examples of Genitive words are his, my, Adam's, the dog's.
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Is genitals tasty?

Most flavor comes from the juices which can have a range of flavor depending on many factors. The skin can offer a slightly salty flavor at best, you don't want to know the wo ( Full Answer )
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How are genitals used?

Genitals are used for stimulation and sex. Girls should insert a finger or a pipe in the vagina to stimulate themselves while boys should stimulate themselves by rubbing the s ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of genitals?

The primary function is to facilitate reproduction. It should also be noted that exit from the urinary system is collocated with the genitals.
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Can you get chickenpox on your genitals?

Chickenpox Chickenpox is a viral infection in which a persondevelops extremely itchy blisters all over the body. It used to beone of the classic childhood diseases. However, i ( Full Answer )