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What is a Gentile?

Gentile (from the Latin word gentilis , meaning 'of or belonging to a clan or tribe'), refers to non-Israelite tribes or nations in English translations of the Bible, mos ( Full Answer )
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Can a Gentile be a Jew?

Some Answers from our contributors: 1. If you are asking can a gentile become a Jew, the answer is yes. If you are asking whether someone can continue to be a non-Jew and ( Full Answer )
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What are Gentiles or Samaritans?

Gentiles are anyone who is not Jewish. Samaritans are an ethnic group of Jewish descent with a complex history. See the Web Link to the left for more details.
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Who were German Gentiles?

By definition, any person who is not a Jew is a Gentile. Gentile is the English word for the Hebrew word Goyim, which means "nations". Therefore, any person who isn't Jewish i ( Full Answer )
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Who are the righteous gentiles?

In a specific sense, that phrase has been used to refer to non-Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust. In a more general sense, it refers to non-Jews who are good people and ( Full Answer )
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Can a Gentile still be in God's house?

yes. God's house is church. God saves all people, including Gentiles. Jesus came down to die on the cross in order to give all people to opportunity to accept Him as their Sav ( Full Answer )
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Who was the apostle of the gentiles?

Paul, formerly the devout Jew known as Saul, was the apostle of the gentiles. This was because Paul took the message of the gospel to the Gentiles, instead of only preaching t ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Apostle to the Gentiles?

Paul (Romans 11:13, 14) Apostle Paul was the apostle to the gentiles. He made 4 trips around the Mediterranean countries preaching the Gospel message to the gentiles. Thousan ( Full Answer )
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Was Abraham a gentile?

No, he wasn't. He was an ancestor to the Israelites and not apart of or born to the Isles of the Gentiles.
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What did the gentiles believe?

The definition of a "Gentile" is anyone who is a non-Jew. So the beliefs among Gentiles are as diversified as the people groups that the word "Gentile" represents. In today's ( Full Answer )
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What color are the Gentiles?

Any person who is not a Jew is a Gentile, so that encompasses any other race or color of skin.
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Who are Jews and gentiles?

The tribes of Israel and Judah are presumably the ancestors ofmodern Jewry. And the history of Torah is about bloodlines.Although in practice it has been acceptable to take on ( Full Answer )
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What do gentiles believe in?

well, a gentile is anyone who is NOT a jew, so, really, gentiles believe in almost anything. Every religion other than judaism is a gentile religion. I am a Christian and ther ( Full Answer )
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Was Noah a gentile?

No, there were no Jews or Gentiles at that time. He was an ancestor of Abraham. Jews are the descendants of Abraham and his son Isaac.
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Who was the first gentile?

Gentile is first referenced in Genesis as descendants ofJapheth. This would make him the first Gentile. It is also noted inthe Book of Acts of the Apostles that Cornelius the ( Full Answer )
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Who is aspostle of the gentiles?

Paul taught mostly to Gentiles. Peter was shown in a vision from God that the Gospel was for all men.
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Why did Jesus accept Gentiles?

Jesus knew that all men are the same at heart, and He came to save all people. In fact, he berated the Jewish leaders for their hypocrisy.
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Did the Gentiles kill John the Baptist?

Herod Antipas had John the Baptist imprisoned and executed for publicly criticising his marriage in 34 CE to his own brother's former wife. Since Antipas was a pagan, he would ( Full Answer )
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Did all gentiles hate the Jews?

No. Some went to a lot of trouble to help Jews. Think of Mies Giep, for example. (Please note the spelling of gentiles. Some mis-spellings could be rather embarrassing).
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What does gentil mean in English?

Gentil (feminine gentille ) is French for "nice, kind, pleasant." someone who is nice, kind...
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George Raft is he Jewish or gentile?

Gentile, common misconception but he was in fact not jewish. Take it from a surviving family member.
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Who are the gentiles today?

Anyone who is not Jewish. The word is considered offensive by many Jews and non-Jews. It's like cracker or "banned word".
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Was Luke a gentile?

Yes - he was a Greek physician. CORRECTION.... The writer of the third Gospel is called by Paul "the beloved physician" (Col. 4:14); and, as we learn from Acts, was Paul's ( Full Answer )
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Which apostles were gentile?

None of the 12 apostles, as far as we know, were Gentiles. All except Judas Iscariot (who was from the region called Iscaria) were Jews from Galilee. Paul, sometimes modest ( Full Answer )
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Where did the first gentiles from?

Adam was the first gentile. All people up until Abraham were gentiles. Abraham was the first Hebrew. Jew comes from the name Judah, one of Jacob's sons.
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What does gentiles mean?

These are the people who were not Jewish in Jesus' day. You were either a Gentile or a Jew.
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What rhymes with gentile?

The only one I know isn't exactly a perfect rhyme, but PERCENTILE kind of counts...
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Who is the apostle of the gentile?

In his epistle (letter) to the Romans, Paul refers to himself as an"apostle to the Gentiles." Romans 11:13, 14 - For I speak to youGentiles; inasmuch as I am an apostle t ( Full Answer )
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Who opposed the gentiles?

gentiles Additionally: Gentiles are "all the nations of the world who are not the blood descendants of Abraham" [the twelve tribes of Israel] whom God called out from a ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of gentile?

Non-Jewish people. A Jewish person is one whose religion is Judaism. A Gentile can become a proselyte to Judaism. So you mean a non Israelite.
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Was Enoch a gentile?

Yes At the time of Enoch there were no Jews so therefore there were nogentiles (non Jews)
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What are Gentiles and Jews?

Gentiles are non-Jews. Jews are those who are descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob;followers of Judaism.
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Who were the Gentiles in The Bible?

The Israelites of the Bible used the word Gentiles in reference to any persons who were not Israelites. Jesus himself also used the word in this context.
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What are gentile Christians?

A gentile is anybody who is not a Jew. So a gentile Christian is aChristian who is not a Jew.
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What is the gospel to the gentiles?

According to one hypothesis, the Gospel of Luke was written as agospel to the gentiles. The hypothesis was formulated to explainthe pattern of similarities and differences fou ( Full Answer )