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How old do you have to be to geta job?

It depends on what type of job. I know Winn Dixie hires at 14, and many other places like Publix, McDonald's, Burger King etc. hires at 16. While a most other places you have ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta hotspring on harvest moon ds?

Get Flora's Blue Heart Event. Blue Heart Event » Walk from Vesta's Farm to Waterfall Area » 11:20 pm to 12:00 am, not Sunday, sunny day » Flora has a blue he ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta boyfriend?

Everybody says be yourself, but at some point, you have to stop kidding yourself. If the guy is gay, for example, then you don't really have a chance. Or if he is the most pop ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta boy to like you?

Just be yourself and pretend to pay no attenion to him also try out for the talent show and sing to a song like You Belong With Me and he will probably notice he likes you! If ( Full Answer )
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Can you geta driver's license if you're not a us citizen?

This will depend upon the state that you live in because driver'slicenses are issued by each state. In DC, you can get one if youhave a minimum of six months duration of stay ( Full Answer )
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What is the Latin translation of 'Geta sleeps in the branches of a tree'?

The Latin equivalent of 'Geta sleeps in the branches of a tree' is Geta in ramibus arboris dormit . In the word-by-word translation, the preposition 'in' means 'in'. The noun ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta cute boy to like you?

be yourself. A good guy will like you for who you are and not who make out to be. Also hang around with him and his friends.
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Can you geta mimejr in LeafGreen?

I'm pretty sure that you can't. The first hand-held game that mime jr. came in was Diamond and Pearl. Sorry.
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Where do i geta corsola?

ahh... the elusive corsola. you find them in evergrande city, lower secton. keep on fishing with the super rod. at first there will be a bunch of luvdisc, but keep on truckin ( Full Answer )
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You wana no how to geta gliger in Pokemon platnumb?

You go through cycling road and there will be two flights of stairs but only go up one. Then go to the right and cut down one of the trees and then just keep going straight un ( Full Answer )
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How did caracalla kill geta?

Caracalla and Geta had to share the throne with each other. But, they argued about every single thing. So, they had the idea of splitting the empire. Caracalla didn't like tha ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta gm badge on Pokemon diamond?

you can get a gym badge by battling gym leaders on the towns the have gyms . . by: Gerardo J. Torres
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How do you geta lvl 100 Pokemon?

Its very hard to do but you just level it up i have a level 100 so i know. you just level it up. But it can only go up to level 100 not level 101 102 or 103 sadly
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How do you geta wart off of your nose?

get i fork and stab it a million times until eventually it will all go away....then go to the doctor and tell him u got it off but now it's a little sore and he will fix it! t ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta dragon in Lego battles?

By building a farm, barracks, special factory, tapping the red build brick, and tap the dragon. The wizard equivalent is a graveyard, mausoleum, and cauldron. Or, if you mean ( Full Answer )
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Where on your body shold you geta star tattoo?

I have 3 stars on my hip/belly region (left side). I refer to them as my 'Stars Upon Thars'. They're red, white & blue to symbolize my Dad's service in the Vietnam War. I woul ( Full Answer )
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Can you geta sock monkey at Walmart?

Most likely. Or, if you can't find one there, you could try at other stores, such as Target. If all else fails, a children's store, such as The Clothes Pony, or Toys R Us woul ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta crew member on gold harbor in poptropica?

You don't. Golden Harbor is the only island without a crew member on it. Here are the places there are crew members. 1.Bouffant Bay(cargo master) inside the ware house he s ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta free party hat on rs?

There is no way to get one for free. You can buy one for some hundred millions of coins, though. Partyhats were from a one-time holiday event. No new partyhats are created.
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Where do you geta zigzagoon?

If you have ruby try oldale town or petalburg city, and if you dont have ruby try asking your question again.
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How do you get geta pet?

you can get a pet from many places including: 1. a pet store 2. a breeder 3. humane shelter 4. the pound 5. a friend to receive a pet you usually hav e to contac ( Full Answer )
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What does the Japanese word geta mean?

下駄 /ge ta/ is a Japanese slipper, similar to a flip-flop, separated at the big toe, but it is made of wood and usually has two heel-like bars under it. It's a tradit ( Full Answer )
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What geta you skinnier smoking or snortting meth?

I think this is a very stupid reason to do a very harmful drugs, why don't you try a good healthy diet and some exercise? If you lose weight with meth, you'll either just gain ( Full Answer )
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How old is Publius Septimius Geta?

Publius Septimius Geta was born on March 7, 189 and died on December 19, 211. Publius Septimius Geta would have been 22 years old at the time of death or 1826 years old today. ( Full Answer )
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Do you geta chief mid on Free Realms?

old vault or you can win one in the farmers market in briarwood farm (you pay real money for this farm) you can win a chief from any recipe that requires five different kinds ( Full Answer )
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Where do you geta headdress on animal jam?

You used to be able to get headdresses back in 2010, when they were common around Jamaa. They bought them in Jam Mart Clothing. Then this year, the jammers call them rare beca ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta new xbox controller to work?

First you have to make sure there are working batteries in it. . Then, locate a small round button with a wifi looking symbol next to it on the top of the controller above t ( Full Answer )
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How do you geta riftwalker in dragonfable?

Go to Anomaly and talk to the 2 gards that you will meet near theentrance. They will be helping yo in teleporting to "The Spire".Once at the Spire, go left for Riftwalker, rig ( Full Answer )
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What words contain the word geta?

budgetary chigetai chigetais geta getable getas getatable getaway getaways nonvegetarian nonvegetarians revegetate revegetated revegetates revegetating revegetation revegetati ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a pair of Japanese geta?

You can purchase a pair of Japanese geta from the Jun-Gift website. Alternatively, you can also find Japanese geta for purchase from retailers such as Amazon.