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Does a clam have giles?

Yes, they are located within their shell.
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Jay Giles band?

Don't know who "Jay Giles" is, but the J. Geils band was pretty entertaining in the 70's/early 80's. The J Giels were a band that had some fame in the 1970's. Very popish soun (MORE)
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Who was Giles Corey?

Giles Corey was a victim during th Salem Witch Trials. He was never really convicted but was still killed. His punishment was to be placed under heavy stones until he said he (MORE)
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Who is giles coren?

Giles Coren is a food critic for The Times and is also a tv presenter.. He has appeared as a regular correspondent on Gordon Ramsay 's The F-Word In June 2006, he presen (MORE)
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Who is Jarvis Giles?

Jarvis Giles is a running back for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks football team. He is a True Freshmen and wears the #3 jersey.
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How old is Brian Giles?

Brian Giles is 40 years old (birthdate: January 20, 1971).
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What was Ernest Giles famous for?

Ernest Giles is consider the last of the Australian explorers, a term he applied to himself. Ernest was famous for being one of the "desert explorers". The first expedition in (MORE)
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How old is Marcus Giles?

Marcus Giles is 33 years old (birthdate: May 18, 1978).
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Salem witch trials giles?

Giles Corey, pressed to death for etering a plea to the court
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How old is Nancy Giles?

Nancy Giles is 51 years old (birthdate: July 17, 1960).
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How did Saint Giles become a saint?

There are a number of saints named Giles so you will need to be more specific so that we can answer your question.
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Why was giles Corey killed?

Becase he was accused of being a witch. But he wouldnt answer the court when they asked if he was or not. So instead the put stones on him hoping that, that would make him tel (MORE)
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Why did Ernest Giles explore Australia?

Ernest Giles was one of a rare breed - he explored for the sheer love of it. He explored because he delighted in making new discoveries, and he wanted to be the first to unloc (MORE)
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How is St Giles pronounced?

My last name is Giles. When a G is followed with an I, the G is a soft G. That means that the G sounds like a J. To pronounce my name correctly you would say Jiles
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Who is Giles Wilkes?

Giles Wilkes is the economics researcher at CentreForum, theliberal think-tank. CentreForum aims to defend progressive liberalvalues in the economy and society, and to this en (MORE)