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What is 'le gilet' in English?

Cardigan is one English equivalent of 'le gilet'. The words in French are pronounced 'luh zhee-lay'. The masculine definite article 'le' means 'the'. The masculine gender n (MORE)
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Where is it possible to purchase gilets for men?

Many places sell gilets for men such as ASOS, Competitive Cyclist, Jack Jones, The Hut, Tennis Point, Price Machine, Country Attire, and Gilet-Men Store.
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What is the English meaning of the French word gilets?

The English meaning of the French word "gilets" is vest or waistcoat. It refers to the article of clothing that one would wear with a suit or when trying to dress formal.
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Where can one purchase North Face gilets?

North Face gilets can be purchased online or in store from the company themselves. They can also be purchased on eBay or on Amazon and also from ASOS.