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What is gilt fund?

A Gilt Fund is one that invests in Government Securities like Government of India Bonds, or US Treasury Bills etc
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What are gilt funds?

Gilt fund is a mutual fund that invests in several different types of medium and long-term government securities in addition to top quality corporate debt. Gilts originated in (MORE)
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What is a gilt?

A female pig that has not had piglets and is under the age of 2. After this, she is known as a sow.
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How is a sow an gilt defrent?

A sow is a female pig that has mated before. While a gilt is a female that is going to be its first time mating.
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What is gilt brass?

Quite simply, brass that has a gold wash over it.. Vermiel = gold over silver.....Ormolu = gold over bronze....dore = gold over brass.. Commonly this was used on drawer pull (MORE)
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What is a gilt mirror?

Gilt mirrors are mirrors that have been plated in a gold coloring.Many gilt mirrors are designed after European and Italian art.
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What is eoi gilt?

Premium short pastry margarine produced from a blend of tallow and vegetable oils, containing a precursor of 'bake-through' flavour. Ideal for shortbread and biscuit manufactu (MORE)
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How gilt company become successful?

because of good operating system, good founder. also uses of information technology. the company provides necessary thing to the customer. it has good market.
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What is the the homophone for gilt?

Are you referring to Guilt? "An emotion that occurs when one believes they have violated a moral standard."
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How would someone find out about gilts?

The definition of Gilt can be found in online dictionaries, such as Oxford, which would tell you that the word gilt means to be covered with gold leaf.