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What does the cotton gin do?

The cotton gin removes the seed from the cotton so it can be harvested in the ground.
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What did the cotton gin do?

The cotton gin helped to clean the cotton fibers. It had comb like structures that rotated to take dirt, bugs, and othere things out of the fibers. This made it ready to be ma ( Full Answer )
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What are the ingredients in gin?

Depending on the brand of gin, it may contain different ingredients. Beefeater Gin contains the following: . Juniper Berries . Angelica Root . Angelica Seeds . Coriande ( Full Answer )
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What is a cotton gin?

A machine invented by Eli Whitney that separates cotton fibers from the seedpods. It is an easier way than separating the fibers from the pod by hand.
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What is gin made of?

Gin is a distilled spirit ( a type of alcoholic liquor ) whose predominant flavor is derived from Juniper Berries ( Juniperus communis ).
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Is gin acidic?

jis is not o wait mybad i ment to say gin is not a acidic because it is part of a pusy and pusy are not acidic
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How do you gin cotton?

The cotton gin picked out seeds by combing through the cotton and leaving the seeds in one pile at the end, and having a pile of unseeded cotton in a compartment above.
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What is Gin Tama?

Gin Tama Gin Tama is a manga series by Hideaki Sorachi distributed to Shonen Jump Advanced. The story focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, his (partial) appre ( Full Answer )
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What can you mix with gin?

Nothing, there's nothing that will make that stuff taste good hope you like pine needles and gasoline. Good luck! 7up is really good with Segrams extra dry lime...Also spri ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gin Ichimaru?

Gin Ichimaru is a chracter from the series Bleach. He has silver hair and blue eyes, though most of the time his eyes are squinty, making them look like their closed.. Gin wa ( Full Answer )
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Does gin die?

Yes Aizen Finishes him off by ripping his arm off, Slashing him from the shoulder blade to the hip, and finally Stabbing him. He then passes away when Ichigo arrives on scene. ( Full Answer )
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How did the cotton gin do?

The cotton gin (Cotton Engine) was designed to process more cotton to help decrease the demand for slaves. It did the opposite. More slaves were needed to work in the fields t ( Full Answer )
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What is the flashpoint of gin?

It would depend on the type of gin but it is classified as class1B liquid meaning it has a FP below 73F See related links
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Is gin healthy?

Gin is very healthy, if consumed moderately and if being one of the right brands (Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Hendricks etc). . The herbal ingredients make it a source of imp ( Full Answer )
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What is gin madeof?

Gin is distilled from grains initially. However, during its second distillation, juniper berries are added.
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What do they make Gin from?

Gin is made from Juniper berries. In fact, the name gin comes from genièvre (French) or jenever (Dutch), which both mean "juniper". Depending on the type of Gin, othe ( Full Answer )
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What is Gin Rummy?

This is a popular 2-person card game. I think the vast majority of people who play it play for money. The rules can be found at ( Full Answer )
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Is there sugar in gin?

Depends on the type of Gin. Dry gin or "London Dry Gin" is not made with sugar, the only additive allowed to be considered "dry" is water. Most distilled Gin's have added juni ( Full Answer )
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What is the cotton gin do?

The Cotton Gin is a machine invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. It wasoriginally the "Cotton Engine" but was changed to Cotton Gin. It isa machine that takes the cotton (still wi ( Full Answer )
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Where did gin originate?

Gins originated in the Netherlands in the 17th century. It is a common misconception that the word gin derives from the Swiss city, Geneva. In fact, the word gin derives from ( Full Answer )
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How harmful is gin?

Gin is no more harmful than other hard liquor, except that it contains an extract from juniper berries that makes many people ill.
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Who does gin love?

i think rangiku because even though he went to the hollow realme aizen may of threated him so no he loves rangiku. plus she's the only one he has feelings for and aizen just u ( Full Answer )
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What are the ingridients of gin?

Water, ethyl alcohol, juniper berry flavor, and a mixture of other natural flavoring ingredients. The exact recipes are proprietary secrets.
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What is the Cottage Gin?

machine for cleaning cotton: a machine for separating seeds, husks, and other unwanted material from cotton fiber
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Who or What is Gin?

Gin is a distilled spirit ( a type of alcoholic liquor ) whose predominant flavor is derived from Juniper Berries ( Juniperus communis ). It may also include additional flavor ( Full Answer )
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What was the cotton gin for?

It was used to speed up the process of picking the seeds out from upland cotton.
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Does gin have sugar?

Very little, if any at all. Its flavor comes from the addition of juniper berries to the fermenting process.
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Does gin have bankai?

he does he says "shoot to kill, shinso" and it literally shoots to kill. i don't know if that is his bankai or if his bankai is when his sword turns to dust. The sword pieces ( Full Answer )
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Is gin bad?

Depends. If it's cruddy gin, it's terrible to the taste. Maybe a nice Blue Sapphire or Tanqueray is quite delicious with some sours and a cherry. Gin, like all liquor, is tec ( Full Answer )
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What is a gin Trap?

Just read about this in James Herriot's Dog Stories. It sounds like a leg-hold trap from the dog's injuries description, but I have not been able to find this trap online,
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What is the difference between gin and ginned?

Gin is an alcoholic beverage made from juniper berries. To gin up is a slang term meaning to exaggerate, or to rile up a crowd. Its proper past tense would be ginned ( Full Answer )
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What does gin do to you?

it makes u have a hangover or make u very or little bit drunk or tipsy.
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What did a gotten gin do?

it was a water powered machine from the 1800s that cleaned the cotton so that it could be made into string and then cloth.
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Is there a life gin?

Life is not a gin but an expression of liberty.God has created usso that we can enjoy our life to the maximum and not treat it as atrap for catching small wild animals or bird ( Full Answer )
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What is an Cotton gin?

A machine made so that slaves can watch do faster and produce morecotton in a less amount of time. 😩