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Are grandaddy long legs poisonous?

Yes, they are one of the more poisonous spider species. Their fangs are not long enough to bite humans however.
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Are grandaddy long legs poiseness?

Actually, they're the most poisonous spider out there.. But, since their mouths are so small, they cannot bite you, and cannot harm you in anyway, just annoy you.
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How many legs does a grandaddy long legs have?

You mUst be sad there is no such thing as it there arnt such things as grandaddy longlegs they are called daddy longlegs and have 8 like all spiders well there is actual ( Full Answer )
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Who is the grandaddy of all computers?

The ENIAC is the granddaddy of all computers. It was developed tocalculate artillery firing table for the US Army. ENIAC stand forElectronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. ( Full Answer )
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Can grandaddy longlegs bite?

I believe they don't. But I do know for a fact they aren't poisonous. So if they do bite, it will do no more harm to you than a red mark for a few days.
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How do you say grandaddy in Lumbee Indian?

The answer to how do you say grandpa in lumbee Indian is that the Lumbee don't have an Indian language,it doesnt exist because Lumbee are assimilated and never had a lumbee la ( Full Answer )
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Are grandaddy longlegs poisonous?

No. According to many entomologists they are not. These are insects and are not even true spiders. This rumor has been all around the place making these critters seem more dan ( Full Answer )
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Is a grandaddy long leg more poisonous than a black whido?

No. The term "daddy longlegs applies to multiple creatures. There is a very well - established myth that these creatures are very poisonous. Opiliones doesn't even have tru ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell grandaddy?

The slang term grandaddy (from grandfather) is often used to indicate something large in stature or repute, as if grown with great age, e.g. the grandaddy of all speckled t ( Full Answer )
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Are grandaddy long legs really venomous?

There are at least two kinds of things called "granddaddy long-legs," one is a spider that is small and not known to bite humans. Theoretically its venom might be a problem to ( Full Answer )