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What is a guana and where is it found?

Guana is an island in the carribean. \n. this 850 acre private island one of the largest Britsh Islands is home to an upscale resort - one of the most private hideaways in th ( Full Answer )
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Is guana in mascara?

Guano can be found in different types of makeup, but it all depends on the specific product you're using.
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What is a guana pig?

Well, first of all, guana is the abbreviation of Guiana Island. Now you know what guana means. Second, a pig is a young swine that is not mature for it's age. So a guana pig i ( Full Answer )
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How much rain falls in Guana in a year?

Are you sure you don't mean Ghana? If that's the case, it has an average rainfall of 29" a year.