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What are the responsibilities of the guarantor on an apartment lease?

A guarantor is someone who has agreed to be legally bound to pay certain debts of another person if that other person does not, for any reason, pay his or her own debts.. A g ( Full Answer )
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What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to sign an agreement (most typically a rental agreement) and basically guarantees that if for some reason the tenant cannot pay, the guaranto ( Full Answer )
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What is the responsibility of a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person that guarantees to take responsibility topay the debt of someone else. Guarantor acts as a signer of sortswherein they make a pledge on their own servi ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference in a cosigner and a guarantor?

A cosigner signs the debt agreement and the lender can demandpayment from both the debtor and the cosigner. A guarantor does notsign and the lender needs to go through the deb ( Full Answer )
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What is a Health insurance guarantor?

A health insurance guarantor is the person or entity legally responsible for the remaining payment for health care services after insurance has payed. Usually adults are their ( Full Answer )
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What is guarantor?

A guarantor is what the bank requires when the loan applicant doesn't have good enough credit or income to obtain a loan on their own. It's the co-signer who guarantees that t ( Full Answer )
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Can you remove your self as a personal guarantor from your business credit cards?

No. When you applied for the business credit cards, it appears you were required to sign as personal guarantor as a condition of the cards being approved. The only way to b ( Full Answer )
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What legal responsibility does a guarantor have?

A guarantor is someone who pledges that a loan or other type of debt will be paid. Usually, a guarantor agrees to pay or perform another person's debt or duty should that pers ( Full Answer )
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Is there a statute of limitations for a guarantor?

No. There is no statute of limitations "for a guarantor". However, there are statutes of limitations for different categories of debts. Statutes of limitation vary from jurisd ( Full Answer )
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What is a guarantor on a loan?

A guarantor is someone who promises to support the application andguarantees to pay the monthly repayment if the borrower is everunable to do so. For more Visit this page:http ( Full Answer )
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Can a tenant sign a lease takeover with the new tenant if they have a guarantor on the original lease and the guarantor hasn't signed the lease takeover?

No. The tenant cannot make changes to the lease agreement without the signature of their co-signer. The "lease takeover" you suggest would not be binding on the lessor and t ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove Windows Proofness Guarantor program completely?

Windows Proofness Guarantor is a fake security application which pretends to be a powerful program and can keep your computer free from the viruses. However, it's exactly the ( Full Answer )
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Are auto loans considered guarantor loans?

No auto loans are not usually considered guarantor loans but you can request one when you get the loan and it is possible to get one. Most of the time they are just regular lo ( Full Answer )
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Is the guarantor and subscriber the same?

It depends, but the terms are NOT interchangeable. The guarantor is the person or entity financially responsible for the bill. The subscriber is the person who carries the i ( Full Answer )
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Who requires a guarantor for a loan?

Guarators will help you secure a loan if you are unable to do soyourself. So people with bad or no credit would fall into thiscategory. The institution just wants to be assure ( Full Answer )
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Can a guarantor get their money back from someone who has defaulted on their loan?

No. All the guarantor does in a transaction is guarantee that the loan will be paid. They don't get any money back. In fact, they are fully responsible for paying the loan i ( Full Answer )
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What are the duties of a guarantor?

When a person does not have good enough credit to secure a loan or financing on their own, they need a guarantor. A guarantor is a co-signer, and that means if the person tak ( Full Answer )
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What is a verb form of guarantor?

to guarantee As in: He guarantees that the toaster will work for at least fiveyears.
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Can you cancel an agreement being a guarantor?

No, you can not stop being a guarantor to an agreement while theterms of that agreement are in force. Thus if you are a guarantorfor rent and the person your are guaranteeing ( Full Answer )