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Who made guns?

Chinese people first invented the 'fire gun' and English men improved it
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Why are there guns?

To make bad people get dead or for target shooting.
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What can you get guns?

Gun stores, gun shows, pawn shops, sporting goods stores, want ads, garage sales.
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Where are the guns in guns n angel?

you get them on the floor from wooden barrels or steel barrels. then you can switch by using the scroll or the keypad
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Are bb guns real guns?

technically yes because they still fire and can hurt someone ^^They are not 'technically' firearms. They are firearms. They fire a .177 round (pellet or BB), and a shot to (MORE)
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Were do you get guns?

You purchase them from a sporting-goods store or gun shop.
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Where do you get guns?

Gun shops, pawn shops, gun shows, direct from distributors...
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Where did guns originate?

Firearms (guns) were originated in China during the MIDDLE AGES.They were actually invented for the use of fighting war. Sobeginning in the Middle Ages, guns were used to figh (MORE)
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How easy it is to get guns?

Rifles are very easy. Filling out paperwork and meeting the legal requirments are about it. Pistols require a waiting period.
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What are mechine guns?

Assuming you mean "machine guns," when most people use the term, they mean a gun that is fully automatic. That means you can hold the trigger down on the gun and it will conti (MORE)
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Does celebrities have guns?

Some do. Charlton Heston did (and was president of the NRA, as well). Ted Nugent is an avid hunter. The members of Aerosmith apparently do, as they were able to obtain conceal (MORE)
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What is the guns for hunting?

They vary, but generally, for hunting birds and small game like rabbits, shotguns are used. The most common shotgun is the 12 gauge. For larger animals like deer and elk, a ri (MORE)
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When were guns discouvered?

Guns weren't discovered, they were invented. The first firearms were invented in the 1300s. There is some disagreement among "experts" as to when exactly, but most believe it (MORE)
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Where were the guns of Navarone?

On the island of Navarone, of course. The island is fictional. If it was real the approximate location would be in the Aegean Sea near Greece.
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What is gunned down?

If someone is "gunned down" it means they were shot, and most likely died as a result of the gunshot wound(s).
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What are automatic guns?

Automatic is firing one shot after another, like a machine gun. They range from Pistols to Miniguns and fire .22 calibre rounds up to 50 cal., some even larger.
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Can you get guns?

you question is to vague, I personally could probably obtain non-automatic weapon if I had a reason to, however I can see no appropriate use for one because I have no desire t (MORE)
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What kind of guns were the cliff guns in the movie The Guns of Navarone?

The Guns of Navarone , both the novel by Alastair MacLean and the movie based upon it, were works of fiction. There are a number of inaccuracies in the movie, including many o (MORE)
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Are airsoft guns air guns?

Not exactly. Airsoft guns do run off air, but air guns usually refers to air guns that shoot .177 cal pellets or bb's.
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When did you get guns?

In my case, I got my first gun the day I was born (present from myGrandad). For most young people, it would be when they are oldenough to follow instructions, and behave in a (MORE)
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Guns similar to Nerf guns?

Gun similar to Nerf Guns. 1. The Rival Line Rival can be considered a nerf gun however they are much strongergo, farther, and use different ammunition. The rivals basic blaste (MORE)