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What is a gun?

A gun is a projectile weapon. It launches one or more projectiles from a tube by means of gas. If the gas is produced by burning the gun is classified a firearm. If the gas is ( Full Answer )
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What can a gun do?

A gun can either save a life or destroy a life. It depends on what you mean, and the previous answer is incomplete. Guns have various uses. Some people hunt with them, some ( Full Answer )
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How long can you get for a gun charge with out a gun?

That's a vague question, and it doesn't seem logical. If you don't have a gun, how could you be arrested for a gun violation? But also, there's no way to know how long of a se ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a gun?

first yu would have to kno someone with one then y u ask for the number of the person they got it from,if they ask if yu wanna buy that one than buy it [only if he's not a cop ( Full Answer )
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What does a gun do?

By itself, nothing. When a person loads it with ammunition and activates the firing mechanism, a projectile is expelled.
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Can you but a gun?

We may have two two questions here- can you BUY a gun, and can you BUILD a gun? And the answer to both is: That depends. BUYING a gun depends on the laws where you live- your ( Full Answer )
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Is a mini gun a Gatling gun?

That would depend upon how precise you wish to be with yourterminology. The proper use of 'Gatling Gun' is to refer to a type of guncreated by Richard Gatling during the Amer ( Full Answer )
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Where are the guns in guns n angel?

you get them on the floor from wooden barrels or steel barrels. then you can switch by using the scroll or the keypad
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Do you have to have a gun license to shoot a gun?

USA definitely not. 2nd Amendment rights guarantee you the right to bear arms. You can shoot them responsibly without a license, but follow local laws/rules such as city limit ( Full Answer )
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What is the GUN?

They are Guardian Units of the Nations. They first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2.. They are Guardian Units of the Nations. They first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2.
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Which is a better gun a bb gun or a pellet gun?

Neither. Both perform as intended. Pellet is more accurate and more expensive. ADDING: If you like to shoot rapid-fire, there are more options for semi-automatic guns among ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to have a gun license or gun permit to be a legal gun owner?

That depends entirely on where you live. We get questions from all US states, and several other nations. Each place will have different gun laws. In some jurisdictions, you mu ( Full Answer )
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What is a joke about a gun or guns?

Anyone found here at night well be found here in the morning. S&M Whats funnier than a bullet deep in a bird's behind. NOTHING! Do you feel lucky, skunk?! A man was h ( Full Answer )
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Are bb guns real guns?

technically yes because they still fire and can hurt someone ^^They are not 'technically' firearms. They are firearms. They fire a .177 round (pellet or BB), and a shot to ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to get a gun?

Be the right age and have the money to buy the gun, pass abackground check, and be responsible!!!!!! --- There are no background checks required to purchase guns fromindividu ( Full Answer )
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What guns considered as a light gun?

Can refer to either weight or caliber. The term "Light Gun" can also refer to a very directional, colored, handheld spotlight. This is used by air traffic controllers to send ( Full Answer )
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Whose is gun was Blackbeard's gun?

I wish i had the answers. Whatever or however you produce this, your heroics my friend are only outweighed by your nobility.
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Is there gun powder in guns?

Guns themselves don't contain any gunpowder, although, in muzzle loading firearms, the powder is loaded into the barrel, at which point, it could be said the gun does contain ( Full Answer )
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Is a bb gun a real gun?

It is a real gun insofar as it is able to shoot a projectile. however it is not a fire arm in the strict sense of the word as it uses compressed air to shoot the projectiles. ( Full Answer )
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Is a paint ball gun a gun?

By technical definition, a paintball marker is not a firearm, butmore so in the airgun category (as it's usually powered bycompressed air rather than the expanding gases from ( Full Answer )
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How do you buy a gun at a gun show?

The exact same laws in effect when buying firearms from a store, shop, or private citizen apply at a gun show. The process of buying a firearm at a gun show is no different th ( Full Answer )
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Can you get guns?

you question is to vague, I personally could probably obtain non-automatic weapon if I had a reason to, however I can see no appropriate use for one because I have no desire t ( Full Answer )
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Is a airsoft gun a real gun?

No, airsoft guns are toys. They use batteries and gearboxes to fire 6mm plastic bbs at an average of 2 joules. Although many high powered air rifles can be as dangerous as ( Full Answer )
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What kind of guns were the cliff guns in the movie The Guns of Navarone?

The Guns of Navarone , both the novel by Alastair MacLean and the movie based upon it, were works of fiction. There are a number of inaccuracies in the movie, including many o ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy a gun with a gun charge?

It depends on what the charge is. If it's a felony charge, you're not going to be able to. If it's a misdemeanor charge (for example, in NC, carrying a concealed handgun witho ( Full Answer )
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Is the thunder gun a real gun?

in a way. hitler during world war 2 made the thunder gun. during the weapons testing is dystroyed and basically vaporized the bunker the weapon was in and everyone in it was k ( Full Answer )
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Is a ray gun a real gun?

A Ray Gun is commonly mistaken for its real life counterpart, the Water Gun. A Water Gun can be an extremely lethal weapon when in your command. Though it is lethal, there hav ( Full Answer )
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Why do guns need gun powder?

Gun powder is the propellant used in older firearms to produce the gas which pushes the bullet out of the barrel. Newer guns use nitrocellulose based powder which is called sm ( Full Answer )
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Are airsoft guns air guns?

Not exactly. Airsoft guns do run off air, but air guns usually refers to air guns that shoot .177 cal pellets or bb's.
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What you can do with a gun?

You can hunt, compete with fellow marksmen, defend yourself, andimpress your friend, if that's what they like.
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When did you get guns?

In my case, I got my first gun the day I was born (present from myGrandad). For most young people, it would be when they are oldenough to follow instructions, and behave in a ( Full Answer )
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Guns similar to Nerf guns?

Gun similar to Nerf Guns. 1. The Rival Line Rival can be considered a nerf gun however they are much strongergo, farther, and use different ammunition. The rivals basic blaste ( Full Answer )
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Are guns cheaper at gun shows or gun stores?

A Gun Show. I bought a gun from a show and it cost $200 then wentto a gun store and looked at the same gun and it was $600.