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What are atma gunas explained in goutama darma sutra?

The Eight Atma Guna Qualities . The eight gunas or qualities of the Self are are: daya, kshanti, anasuya, sauca, anayasa, mangala, akarpanya, aspriha. " Daya " implies l (MORE)
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Where does the name 'Guna' originate form?

There are many different meanings of Guna but the main definition is a string or single strand of a cord or twine. It originates from sanskrit which is a indo aryan language.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Gunas - 2009?

The cast of Gunas - 2009 includes: Cristina Baiona as Rosalina Ricardo Barbosa as Kostadinov Cristiana Carvalho as Lucinda Filipe Carvalho as Mariano Carla Reis as Alberta Val (MORE)