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What is gurning?

Gurning... when someone takes drugs like MDMA or E, they're jawtenses up and moves around in funny ways, this is calledgurning...
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Who is Gurn Blanston?

Actually, it's "Gern Blanston". It's a name made up by comedian Steve Martin. He claimed was his real name during a stand-up routine. The gag can be heard on his 1979 album, " ( Full Answer )
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Who the hell is Tom Gurn?

A "smart" "intelligent" ego maniac that tries too hard :( boohoo go cry in a hole :)
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Who commanded the Northern Army gurning the Civil war?

The Commander in Chief was President Abraham Lincoln. The Generals in Chief were: Lieutenant - General (honorary) Winfield Scott, substituted by Major General George Brinton M ( Full Answer )