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What is the meaning of gurt?

A gurt is a gutter or channel for water hollowed out in a mining drift. It is also the slangy way some people in Devon pronounce the word "great" as in large.
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Which is cheaper yogurt go gurt or yo-plait?

the answer is yo plait because its not so fat as yogurt, yogurt has lots of ingredients therefore it is more expensive. Buy yo plait
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What is the song on the go gurt commercial?

The song on the current gogurt commercial (airing on Nick in July 2009) is "Drop Top" by Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins, a "swamp pop" musician from south Louisiana.
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Where can you purchase Go-Gurt?

One can purchase Go-Gurt at any supermarket close to your area. You may also go to the General Mills website and enter your location on the product locator.