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How do you get the guts to ask a girl out?

just tell her what u feel if she refuses dont worry its not gonna b the end of the world plus theres gonna b some one that really likes u :)
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What rhymes with gut?

Some words which rhyme with gut are. but. butt. mutt. jut. cut. hut. shut. slut. glut. nut. rut. tut
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How do you sing from the gut?

It's kind of like a cough, but you don't force the air out that fast. The thing I would recommend is practice exhaling by sucking your stomach in, then translating that to act ( Full Answer )
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What is twisted gut?

Twisted gut or intestinal torsion is a serious, usually fatal condition of livestock. It happens when a blockage or sudden movement causes one or more loops of intestine to tw ( Full Answer )
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What is a gut?

the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus is called the gut.
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What is the difference between a for-gut fermenter and a hind-gut fermenter?

Hindgut fermenters use microbes (bacteria only) and fermentaion in their hindgut, the caecum and proximal colon. Microbes that are washed out cannot be digested and therefor ( Full Answer )
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What does gutted mean?

The insides are torn out, leaving the outer shell standing. Having the guts (bowels, intestines) removed.
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What does have guts mean?

it means that person is daring you to kill them and if you dont, youre a pansy
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What are gut bacteria?

Gut bacteria are, well, bacteria found in the gut. Bacteria are microorganisms made of a single cell; more information on them can be found in the external links provided here ( Full Answer )
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What are gut berries?

Gut berries are berries that Brian Robeson ate which made him sick. (Diarrhea and Vomiting)
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What is the function of the gut?

The gut is where food is digested, nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream, and indigestible waste moves through and leaves the body.
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What are gut cherries?

gut cherries are also known as choke cherries. Brian only called them that because they made his stomach hurt.
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How do you gut a fish?

When you catch your fish, first descale it by scratching away at the scales from the tail towards the head. When it has been descaled, put the knife, point first, about half ( Full Answer )
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What does your gut do?

It tells you how you are feeling. Like people say they have a gut feeling. When we aree nervous we get butterflies, or when we are in love. You feel certain things that you ca ( Full Answer )
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What is a pumpkin gut?

The inside of a pumpkin that is scooped out when you are craving pumpkins; it also can be thrown.
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Does a shark have a guts?

guts is a widely used term refering to the internal organs of an animal... sharks do have organs just like us humans. Very different organs but organs, so the answer would be ( Full Answer )
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Do sponges have a gut?

NO they don't...... Go to and read through it gives you the answer at about the end of the first paragraph.
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It puts a gut on you?

i think you are to domb to be using pull up you should be potty trained by now.
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How do you get the guts to talk to a boy you like?

Try to write letters or notes to him and stick it in his locker or give it to his friend, but if you do, make sure to have it sealed. If he knows who it's from, he'll come and ( Full Answer )
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How do you get elec guts style?

For guts style, you must use your mega buster A LOT. (like maybe for 80 battles or during the bubble brigade you meet). The type ( eg fire, elect etc.) comes randomly.
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Who sings rockin the beer gut?

Trailer Choir. Trailer Choir consists of Butter (Mark Fortney), Big Vinny (Vencent Van-Zant Hickerson), and Crystal Hoyt. This song came out when they were signed to Toby Keit ( Full Answer )
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What is a processing gut?

they contain regions of the digestive tract specialized for particular functions. An earthworm gut has a region for storing soil, a region for grinding soil (gizzard), and a ( Full Answer )
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Do oysters have guts?

Yes, they feed and excrete waste products. They also have gills, and small, thin-walled blood vessels, a small three-chambered heart and two kidneys, located on the underside ( Full Answer )
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What is gut punching?

Gut punching is hitting someone in the stomach really hard. Thisdoubles the person over from the pain as well as taking the breathaway momentarily.
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What is a beard gut?

It isn't "beard" gut, but beer gut. This is a fat man who drinks a lot of beer and his stomach hangs over his belt.
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What suspends the gut?

The stomach isn't really suspended. Internal organs are pretty compact so everything has its space in your torso. That being said, the small intestine is below the stomach and ( Full Answer )
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But she hates my guts?

Just because she doesn't want to date you any more doesn't mean you literally become invisible to her, she's still going to "notice you".
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What is a part of the 'gut'?

intestines its really just where your digestive system is but i guess its a slang term for it! hope i helped!
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What are the disorders of gut?

There are four accessory glands of the digestive system and they are the salivary glands, the pancreas, the liver and the gallbladder.
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What is the role of a gut?

Your gut is your entire digestive system, spreading from your mouth to anus. Most people commonly refer to their intestines as their gut. Your digestive tracts job is to remov ( Full Answer )
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What is guts in tagalog?

The Tagalog language is the national language of the Philippines. The translation of the word "guts" from English to Tagalog is pronounced "lakas ng loob".
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What is wanga gut?

It is the Jamaican description of a greedy person . Download the informative and hilarious Original Dancehall Dictionary by Joan Williams from Amazon and you will get a full ( Full Answer )
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What is the GUT theory?

The GUT theory is a theory that combines three of the four fundamental forces together. The three fundamental forces are the strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and elec ( Full Answer )
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Is guts a noun?

Yes, the word 'guts' is a noun , the plural form ofthe noun 'gut'. The noun 'guts' is a word for the organs contained in the bellythat relate to the digestive system, a word ( Full Answer )