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How do you get the guts to ask a girl out?

just tell her what u feel if she refuses dont worry its not gonna b the end of the world plus theres gonna b some one that really likes u :)
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What is the difference between a for-gut fermenter and a hind-gut fermenter?

Hindgut fermenters use microbes (bacteria only) and fermentaion in their hindgut, the caecum and proximal colon. Microbes that are washed out cannot be digested and therefor (MORE)
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What does gutted mean?

The insides are torn out, leaving the outer shell standing. Having the guts (bowels, intestines) removed.
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What does have guts mean?

it means that person is daring you to kill them and if you dont, youre a pansy
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What is a guts?

strengthor force of character .
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Does a shark have a guts?

guts is a widely used term refering to the internal organs of an animal... sharks do have organs just like us humans. Very different organs but organs, so the answer would be (MORE)
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What are hog guts?

When prepared as food, the small intestines from hog guts are called chitlings.
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How do you get the guts to talk to a boy you like?

Try to write letters or notes to him and stick it in his locker or give it to his friend, but if you do, make sure to have it sealed. If he knows who it's from, he'll come and (MORE)
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How do you get elec guts style?

For guts style, you must use your mega buster A LOT. (like maybe for 80 battles or during the bubble brigade you meet). The type ( eg fire, elect etc.) comes randomly.
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What does guts do in harvest moon?

Speak with him while the Sprite Tree House is open and he will let you hire a Sprite Team to do work for you.
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How do you say with guts in Spanish slang?

The spanish slang for "with guts" is 'con huevos'. I would be careful saying this because in many spanish cultures it is considered vulgar and you could be severely looked dow (MORE)
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Is lutten gutted?

no just spelt wrong (jamie) lol
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Do oysters have guts?

Yes, they feed and excrete waste products. They also have gills, and small, thin-walled blood vessels, a small three-chambered heart and two kidneys, located on the underside (MORE)
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But she hates my guts?

Just because she doesn't want to date you any more doesn't mean you literally become invisible to her, she's still going to "notice you".
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What is a part of the 'gut'?

intestines its really just where your digestive system is but i guess its a slang term for it! hope i helped!
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What is guts in tagalog?

The Tagalog language is the national language of the Philippines. The translation of the word "guts" from English to Tagalog is pronounced "lakas ng loob".
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How to get Gacchu Guts?

To get Gacchu Guts, you need to visit Gacchu Guts Wiki to beenlightened.
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Is guts a noun?

Yes, the word 'guts' is a noun , the plural form ofthe noun 'gut'. The noun 'guts' is a word for the organs contained in the bellythat relate to the digestive system, a word (MORE)
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Do seahorses have guts?

No. There invertebrates they never had guts ever since they evolved13.4 billion years ago.