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What is H₂O?

H 2 O is another form for water. H 2 O is transparent and its tasteless. H 2 O is something you swim in, something you drink, and something that falls from the sky (also calle (MORE)
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What is h and o antigens?

H antigens correspond to the antigenic type of the bacterial flagella O antigens correspond to the antigenic type of the Lipopolysaccharide layer on the outer membrane of gra (MORE)
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What is C H O?

Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen
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What words have the leters h and o in them?

hour. hear. here. hero. horse. Ohio. moth. mother. other. how. who. show. chowder. hot. hope. hop. honor. hover. home. hose. house. hold
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What is the name for H 2 O?

A common question, H 2 O is known by many different names. Dihydrogen monoxide and Hydroxic acid are the most common.. (also known as water)
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What is H-O-H?

H-O-H is the symbol formula of WATER. H2O
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A state capital with h and o in it?

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. Charleston is the capital of West Virginia. Hartford is the capital of Connecticut.
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Why is O-H a polar bond?

Oxygen has a much higher electronegativity than hydrogen. So, itdraws electrons much more strongly, creating a dipole momentbetween oxygen and hydrogen, allowing for the polar (MORE)
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What sweet treat has h o in it?

Ho Hos - chocolate cakes with a pinwheel design. They were made by Hostess Brands.
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What does H O mean?

If you mean H 2 O, then it's the scientific form of Water.