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What is H₂O?

H 2 O is another form for water. H 2 O is transparent and its tasteless. H 2 O is something you swim in, something you drink, and something that falls from the sky (also calle ( Full Answer )
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What is h and o antigens?

H antigens correspond to the antigenic type of the bacterial flagella O antigens correspond to the antigenic type of the Lipopolysaccharide layer on the outer membrane of gra ( Full Answer )
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Who is c-h-a-o-s?

C-h-a-o-s is another emcee known as Christopher Lange, or just "Lange". He is the successor of the great legend Dres. C-h-a-o-s possesses many hidden abilities, such as being ( Full Answer )
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Ratio of H and O in 2L of water?

its 2:1 no matter what the quantity of water is. . good luck on youre mastering chemistry assignment ;)
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Contains C H O in the rati o CH2O?

glucose (C6H12O6) although this is not the general formula for sugars that would be: Cx(H2O)y
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What does the '₂' mean on H₂O?

H means hydrogen, the 2 means two parts of oxygen, O. So that 2 represents how many oxygen atoms are in one molecule of water. Or you could say that there are two parts oxygen ( Full Answer )
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What words have the leters h and o in them?

hour. hear. here. hero. horse. Ohio. moth. mother. other. how. who. show. chowder. hot. hope. hop. honor. hover. home. hose. house. hold
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What is the name for H 2 O?

A common question, H 2 O is known by many different names. Dihydrogen monoxide and Hydroxic acid are the most common.. (also known as water)
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What was the H O Railroad?

HO railroad is a scale of a model train. I don't think it refers to a real railroad company.
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What is a word phrase o h?

this word is considered a thing 5 letters 5th letter is h it also has a 3 letter word in front of it and that word starts with o
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What does the H and O stand for H2O?

H stands for hydrogene. There are 2 hydrogen there is a 2.O stands for oxygen.
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What does h h o mean on a periodic table?

"h h o" is not a symbol on the periodic table. You may be thinking of HOH the structural formula for water also written as H 2 O
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A state capital with h and o in it?

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. Charleston is the capital of West Virginia. Hartford is the capital of Connecticut.
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Why is O-H a polar bond?

Oxygen has a much higher electronegativity than hydrogen. So, itdraws electrons much more strongly, creating a dipole momentbetween oxygen and hydrogen, allowing for the polar ( Full Answer )
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What does W H O stand for?

It most commonly stands for World Health Organisation, though that has nothing to do with geometry.
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H-O bond in H2O?

H20 has hydrogen bonds. These are the strongest type of intermolecular forces. Hydrogen bonds occur whenever hydrogen bonds with fluorine, oxygen, or nitrogen.
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Can o blood be transfused into h-h blood?

No, not safely. O blood has H anitgens but HH blood does not. HH blood type can only receive blood from other HH blood types. HH blood is not stored in blood banks. Also HH bl ( Full Answer )
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What does O₂ H₂ N₂ mean?

O=O A molecule/diatomic atom of gaseous oxygen. Covalently double bonded. H-H A molecule/diatomic atom of gaseous hydrogen. Covalently single bonded. N to N A molecule/d ( Full Answer )
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What does O C N H mean?

O is Oxygen C is Carbon N is Nitrogen H is Hydogen Is that what you mean?
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H e l l o?

isant an animal! but if it was i think it would be a cross between a wasp and a bee with a rhino!
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What does H and O stand for in H2O?

Hydrogen and Oxygen ! - A molecule of water (H 2 O) contains two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen. Each Hydrogen atom is attached to the Oxygen atom (but not to each other) ( Full Answer )
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What does h o stand for?

For H2O it stands for hydrogene and oxygen. But it might be ho come like santa clause.
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How does a Li-O bond differ from an O-H bond?

Lithium has a much lower electronegativity than hydrogen, therefore it forms a much stronger, ionic bond, and hydrogen forms a weaker covalent bond with oxygen.
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R-O-H is what functional group?

Hey i think it would be an alcohol because R is the representation used for and alkyl group and if we put a simple alkyl group in place of the R for example CH3 or C2H5 we get ( Full Answer )
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What is H 2 O concepts?

H2O Concepts , the proven water softener alternative and water system with great tasting water at every faucet! Residential and commercial water purification.
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What words can be made with r o h u h k o m?

Words that start with capitol letters are proper nouns. Words that are in ALL CAPS are abbreviations. HMO KO OK ROM UK Moho Moor Moro Mr Rh hm ho hokum hook hour huh hum humor ( Full Answer )
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What can you spell with o o o o a h e s?

You can't spell any words using all of these letters. Words that can be spelled using some of the letters are: . Hoes . Hose . Shea . Shoe . Shoo . Ash . Has ( Full Answer )
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What is the history for W H O?

When diplomats met to form the United Nations in 1945, one of the things they discussed was setting up a global health organization. WHO's Constitution came into force on 7 Ap ( Full Answer )
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What sweet treat has h o in it?

Ho Hos - chocolate cakes with a pinwheel design. They were made by Hostess Brands.
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What has the author O H Peterson written?

O. H. Peterson has written: 'Basic requirements of meeting room facilities for effective audio-visual communications' -- subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Meetings, Auditoriums ( Full Answer )
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What has the author H O A McWilliam written?

H. O. A. McWilliam has written: 'The development of education in Ghana' -- subject(s): Education, History
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What has the author O H Marshall written?

O. H. Marshall has written: 'The Niagara frontier' -- subject(s): Geographical Names, Seneca Indians, History
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What has the author H O Evennett written?

H. O. Evennett has written: 'The Cardinal of Lorraine and the Council of Trent' -- subject(s): Council of Trent (1545-1563), Counter-Reformation 'The Catholic schools of E ( Full Answer )