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What are some words that start with mal?

maladjusted malapropism malady mall malicious malignant malt malefactor malefaction malodorous malfeasance malcontent malnutrition maltreatment ma ( Full Answer )
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What is a grand mal seizure?

grand-mal seizuries are the worst of them .they are not local like most. they bounce from side to side making hard to pin point which makes it hard to have surgey
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What is the meaning of phantas mal?

Do you mean phantasmal? " resembling or characteristic of a phantom; "a ghostly face at the window"; "a phantasmal presence in the room"; "spectral emanations"; "spiritual tap ( Full Answer )
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What does mal mean?

Darth maul mal is Spanish for bad, as in "not good." The opposite of good.
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What does muy mal mean?

Muy mal = very bad. Example: El es muy mal = He is very bad.
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What do mal mean in spanish?

Mal means Bad, examples: Te comportaste muy mal hoy. (You behave very bad today) Mal also means wrong, examples How did u answer to question number 20 ? answer: mal ( ( Full Answer )
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Who is Mal Pancoast?

Who is Mal Pancoast is not a matter of who, but of what. What is Mal Pancoast? Mal is spanish for bad and Pancoast (named after Henry Pancoast) is the name of a lung tumor cau ( Full Answer )
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What does estoy mal translate to in English?

Estoy mal means I'm bad, as in I am having a bad day. ****************************************************************
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What does the root mal mean?

The Latin root mal means bad or evil. Doctors make use of the rootmal to deal with all kinds of problems. An example is the wordmalfunction.
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What does bof pas mal mean?

Bof ! is a interjection meaning "not that much" or "so-so" For example : a friend tells you "what a beautiful girl !!" if this girl is not that beautiful for you you wo ( Full Answer )
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What happens in a grand mal seizure?

you lose contiousness, puke up everythig you have eaten, have violent muscle contractions or your body jerks repeatedly, and you get a mettalic tastes in your mouth, but not b ( Full Answer )
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What is esta mal?

"Está mal" means "he (or she) is sick". It is pronounced "eh-STA mall". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: ( Full Answer )
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Can you have grand mal and petit mal seizures?

Yes, you most certainly can have both. In some cases an adolescent will outgrow the petit mal seizures. In other cases, the petit mal will be replaced by grand mal seizures. T ( Full Answer )
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What words start with the prefix mal?

Words that start with the prefix -mal (bad, wrongful, or ill) are: malabsorption, maladaptation, maladapted, maladaptive, maladjusted, maladjustive, maladjustment, maladmi ( Full Answer )
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What is mal educated?

Mal educated must have been a word derived from the Frech word, "maleducate" (feminine) or maleducato (masculine) which means ill-mannered. In Spanish the word "mal educada" ( ( Full Answer )
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What damage does petit mal do?

An epileptic seizure in itself, no matter if it's grand mal, doesn't do any direct damage in itself, but if you fall and bang your head, accidents are the only things that cou ( Full Answer )
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Consequnces for medical mal practice?

The consequences for medical malpractice can include very large damage payouts, marks on a doctor's record, and-in certain severe cases and from multiple offenses-loss of medi ( Full Answer )
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What is the Italian 'mal bianco' in English?

" Powdery mildew " is an English equivalent of " mal bianco " ( Erysiphelas order). The Italian word " mal " is a masculine noun. It means "sickness, pain, evil, ache." Its ( Full Answer )
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What is 'mal' when translated from French to English?

"Bad (wrong)" as an adjective, "badly (incorrectly, poorly, wrongly) as an adverb, and "evil (damage, ill, illness, sickness, wrong)" as a noun are literal English equivalents ( Full Answer )
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How do petit mal seizures differ from grand mal seizures?

A petit mal seizure may be so slight that a person would not even know someone else is having one. It may last a short period of time. The person may seem to be dazed or day d ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of the stem mal?

'Mal-' is not usually found as a stem. More frequently, it is a prefix. It comes from Latin and means 'Bad'.
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Are Grand Mal seizures genetic?

People can get seizures for all sorts of reasons. Some people who have epilepsy can have it genetically. Most people's epilepsy is not genetic, so most Grand Mal seizures are ( Full Answer )
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What does a grand-mal seizure consist of?

A generalized tonic-clonic (grand-mal) seizure begins with a loud cry before the person having the seizure loses consciousness and falls to the ground. lasts between two and f ( Full Answer )
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What is the Prefix meaning of mal?

Prefix meaning bad or wrong Malfunction to fail. Malignant very harmful.Malodorous stinking or foul smell.
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Who is mal malloy?

Mal Malloy started on youtube losing weight, until she realized that her body was huge boobs and big booty which was perfectly abnormal and amazing.
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What words begin in mal?

Maladjusted, malaria, malarkey, malcontent, male, malign, malinger, mall, mallet, malnutrition, malpractice and malt are words. They begin with the letters mal.
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What is the meaning of grand mal in french?

Salut: Literally, it is 'very bad'. Generally, it can mean biggest, most severe, of greatest proportion, etc., but almost always in a not-so-good way. Ciao.
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What does no que mal mean?

It means "not that badly", or "not that bad". Ex: "¡Las fresas es no que mal, su muy delicioso!" Excuse me for any spelling errors (or errors in the sentence itself), I d ( Full Answer )
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What is Mal Maas?

Mal Maas , also known as Adhik Maas , is the extra month added to a Hindu lunar calendar once in 32 months to make the lunar calendar similar to the solar calendar.
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What does the prefix mal mean in malfunction?

The prefix 'mal' means 'bad' in Greek. the word 'func' means 'to work' and the 'tion' suffix means 'a state of'. In this case, the word 'malfunction' literally means 'a state ( Full Answer )
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How do you potty train a mal shi?

Dove Cresswell's Dog TrainingOnline has over 50 dog training videos showing the sameprofessional method he uses to train dogs for movies andtelevision. He teaches everything f ( Full Answer )
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When did Mal Moore die?

Mal Moore died on March 30, 2013, in Durham, North Carolina, USA of pulmonary complications.
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What has the author Mal Leicester written?

Mal Leicester has written: 'Disability Voice' 'Sociology of Development (International Library of Sociology)' 'Institutional Issues' 'Stories for inclusive schools' -- ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Mal Williams written?

Mal Williams has written: 'H.M. Australian ship Kapunda' -- subject(s): Australian Naval operations, Australian Personal narratives, Kapunda (Ship), World War, 1939-1945