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What does Bon matin mon ami mean?

Answer . Good morning, my friend.. Note: "Bon matin" is not a greeting and doesn't really mean anything in French. To greet someone in the morning, you say "bonjour". good ( Full Answer )
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What does 'Bon matin mon amour' mean?

"Bon matin mon amour" is a word-for-word, incorrect translation of "good morning, my love" into French. "Bon matin" is never used as a greeting in French; the translation of " ( Full Answer )
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When did Matin Luther King Jr get shot?

April 4 1958 he was at a meeting and he went outside for some fresh air and a man of such shot him in the back and ran off as nothing happened if i was the man i would'NT ( Full Answer )
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Where was matin Luther king jr born?

(January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) was born Michael Luther King, Jr., but later had his name changed to Martin. His grandfather began the family's long tenure as pastors of the ( Full Answer )
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Who was matin Luther?

Luther was a church reformer who started out as a Catholic but later founded the Protestant sect now known as Lutheran.
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Matin Luther king jr?

Martin Luther King was this black guy who wanted rights for black people, he did his best (in America) and was successful... bla bla bla - bsically basically he fought for r ( Full Answer )
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What did Matin Luther king jr do?

he did allot like changing minds of whites about segregating and vileness. He spoke of none violence and equal rights's also accomplished allot of things as winning the Nobel ( Full Answer )
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Why was matin Luther king assassinated?

He was assassinated because many people in the USA could not bear the idea of black people ( let's not use the 'n' word) having any sort of equality with white people. Given t ( Full Answer )
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What is sung matins?

\nMatins (also known as Orthros or Oútrenya in Eastern Churches) is the early morning or night prayer service in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox ( Full Answer )
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How old is zack matin?

In the first episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, he was twelve but throughout The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, He grew up and in the series ( Full Answer )
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What did Matin Luther Preach?

Answer Variant # 1: Martin Luther was founder of the religious sect eloquently called the Lutherans. Answer Variant # 2: Martin Luther King Jr. was a major Civil Rights act ( Full Answer )
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Will Haley matin have twins?

HALEY MARTIN will have twins the name is familiar its in her family for her to have twins it could be her sister but i know its haley..
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What does bonne matin mean in English?

'bonne matinée' = [have a] good morning 'de bon matin' = early in the morning ('bonne matin' is not grammatically correct) the common greetings are 'bonjour' (from t ( Full Answer )
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Why will the US remember matin Van Buren?

The US will remember Martin Van Buren because he led the country into the panic of 1837 due to his refusal to regulate United States Banks. Also, during his presidency, unempl ( Full Answer )
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Did matin Luther king have kids?

four children were born to martin and his wife Yolanda Denise - November 17, 1955 Martin Luther III - October 23, 1957 Dexter Scott - January 30, 1961 Bernice Albe ( Full Answer )
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How can you get on Habbo if there is a matinence break?

You can't get on habbo if there is a matinence break. Ususally the matinence breaks aren't that long so you'll be on habbo be the very lastest the next day I expect.
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Where did the bullet enter matin Luther kings body?

I believe the bullet entered in his lower right cheek just above the jaw bone, travelled through his neck and lodged in his rear shoulder blade. If you look at some of the pic ( Full Answer )
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Did matin Luther king like his job?

as i think martin Luther did like his job very much have a look if u don't believe me
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When is matin Luther king jr day celebrated?

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated every year on 3rd Monday ofJanuary. It was started in 1986 in order to remember his life andachievements.
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How do you reply to Bon matin mon amour?

Probably "où est mon café ?" (where is my coffee ^-^) since there is no "bon matin" (good morning) in French. It's usually "bonjour". In that case, followed by any littl ( Full Answer )
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What does j'adore si matin mean?

umm idk if thats spanis its more like french or italian, but im taking french so J'adore means i love and i have no idea what si matin is.
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What actors and actresses appeared in De bon matin - 2011?

The cast of De bon matin - 2011 includes: Ralph Amoussou as Youssef Nelly Antignac as Clarisse Pierre Aussedat as Foucade Pierre Baux as Homme bar Xavier Beauvois as Alain Fis ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Matin Baraki written?

Matin Baraki has written: 'Kampffeld Naher und Mittlerer Osten' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Military policy 'Die Beziehungen zwischen Afghanistan und der Bundesrepub ( Full Answer )
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What has the author K M Matin written?

K. M. Matin has written: 'Bangladesh and the IMF' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Foreign Loans, International Monetary Fund, Loans, Foreign