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What is H₂O?

H 2 O is another form for water. H 2 O is transparent and its tasteless. H 2 O is something you swim in, something you drink, and something that falls from the sky (also calle ( Full Answer )
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What is Triamterene-h?

Triamterene-h is a drug sold under the names Maxzide and Dyazide.It acts as a diuretic and is prescribed to treat hypertension andedema.
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What is Hb H?

A : . Hb H is Hemoglobin H, which is a type of hemoglobin which is normally found. in adult human beings. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying chemical compound. in our red bl ( Full Answer )
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What is 4 H?

It is a club where the 4H stands for Head, heart, hands, health. . In cars 4H stands for 4 wheel drive high gear. .
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How do you get h-pylori?

Even though H. pylori is present in more than half the population of the world, no one is sure how people get it and pass it to other people. The latest data suggest that it i ( Full Answer )
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Why is the H-H bond stable?

No open bonds because hydrogen can only have 1 bond because of itonly having 1 valence electron ----------------------------------------------------------------------- While f ( Full Answer )
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4 H what do the H stand for?

It stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. (As shown Below) The Pledge "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larg ( Full Answer )
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When is 4-H?

The 4-H year in West Virginia starts in October, but in counties it varies. So you would have to type in the computer 4-H whatever county you live in and then extension office ( Full Answer )
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What is H H H?

H H H, also Triple H, is the ring name for professionalwrestler Paul Michael Levesque. . The HHH Tower in Dubai. Also called the Blue Tower. It's thefourth tallest residenti ( Full Answer )
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What is the h for in William h bonney?

Billy the Kid's real name was Henry McCarty. He also used the names William Antrim and William H. Bonney. The 'H' could be for Henry, or it could just be as made-up as the res ( Full Answer )
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Is h a vowel?

Apparently its a consonant but when h goes silent it is a vowel. Alas you would say an in front of hour
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What does h?

Well sudden impulses between your brain and your finger tips have found this key on your keyboard. You see h is found between g and j and then your brain found the enter key a ( Full Answer )
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What is h in 12-h equals -h plus 3?

12 - h = -h + 3. Collect like terms giving 12 - 3 = -h + h. ie 9 = 0. Something wrong somewhere!
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What does the H as in h-hour stand for?

\nIt just means "hour." In the military, a lot of things are preplanned--say, the president is coming to our base to award Sergeant Jones the Medal of Honor for saving his who ( Full Answer )
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Is H and H covalent?

When two hydrogens bond, they share their electrons. This makes it covalent. I think this is what you were asking.
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What is H - H in chemistry?

The dash mark (-) signifies a bond. In the case of H-H, two hydrogen atoms are bonded.
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What does the H in H-Mart stand for?

if you are referring to the Korean grocery store H-Mart, then i believe the H stands for 한아름 or Han-ah-reum, which was the previous name of the chain of grocery ( Full Answer )
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What is the electronegativity difference for H-H?

There is none. This is a molecule consiting of two hydrogen atoms,which are identical. Two atoms of the same type will have the sameelectronegativity.
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What is an H-diagram?

Is a diagram with the same purpose as a Venn diagram, but shaped as an H. the differences go on the left and right of the diagram while the similarities go in the middle
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What is neopolybac-h?

It is a triple antibiotic ointment used topically (on the skin or ear surface) to treat bacterial infections. The name is a shortening of the three active ingredients: neomyci ( Full Answer )
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Is the H H bond polar?

No, they are the same atom and there for there is no un even distribution of electrons, making it non polar.
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What is 2 h on a?

2 Humps on a Bactrian Camel 2 Hands on a Clock 2 Hulls on a Catamaran
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How many h have in h?

A prime number is 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 but except one!
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What is H in Hawaiian?

H is the same in Hawaiian as it is in English. The only difference is, in Hawaiian the letter H always has to have a vowel after it.
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What is the bond energy of H-H?

It will differ depending on the specific molecule the H-H bond ispresent in, but on average to break apart one mole of covalentlybonded H-H gas you will require 432kJ.
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How old is H. H. Holmes?

H. H. Holmes was born on May 16, 1861 and died on May 7, 1896. H. H. Holmes would have been 34 years old at the time of death or 154 years old today.
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How old is H. H. Asquith?

H. H. Asquith was born on September 12, 1852 and died on February 15, 1928. H. H. Asquith would have been 75 years old at the time of death or 162 years old today.
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Where can you find a h?

In a book, sign, script, poster, title, someones name...... basically nearly everywhere where there are any writing.
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What does the H in H-beam mean?

in structural steel manufacturing one of the standard patron is called is beam. normally it is in English letter shape I. also in H also. in this the single center line is ca ( Full Answer )
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How electrons does h have?

How many* and it has 1 electron in it's outer shell, and only has the 1 shell.
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What is the H for in George H. Bush?

Herbert. His full name is George Herbert Walker Bush (41st USPresident). His oldest son is George Walker Bush (43rd US President).
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What is H referred to as in H antigen?

The H is 1. the antigen in the flagella of motile (moving) bacteria; important in serologic classification of enteric (intestinal) bacteria. 2. the chemical precursor of a ( Full Answer )
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What does h h H2 in science?

H is the atomic symbol for hydrogen. H 2 is the chemical formula for the hydrogen molecule, which is the most common and stable form of hydrogen gas.
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What binds H is a?

A substance that gives off, or releases H+ is a while a one thatbinds H+ is What?
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Who is H H Holmes?

H.H. Holmes was actually Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861-May7, 1896), an American serial killer who was executed for murder.