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What does SI stand for?

1. SI stands for International System of Units - it is theinternationally recognised system for measurement units. 2. The chemical symbol for the element silicon.
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What is an SI unit?

An SI unit is a unit of measure from the International System of Units. SI is the abbreviation for the French Système international d'unités
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What is SI?

I think It means the universal system of units. SI is the abbreviation for the International System of Units, also known as the metric system.
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What si propylparaben?

Propylparaben is a naturally occurring organic compound. It can befound in insects and plants. Propylparaben can also be created andused as a preservative.
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Does Arab have a sis?

Arab ( Abrahim Mustafa ) - partner of rapartist " Soulja Boy " ( DeAndre Cortez Way ) does not have a sister.
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What si cloropyll?

Chlorophyll Chlorophyll, green pigment that gives most plants their color and enables them to carry on the process of photosynthesis. Chemically, chlorophyll has several si ( Full Answer )
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Do you love sis?

I love my sis a lot
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Who was si Johnson?

Silas Kenneth "Si" Johnson was a National League pitcher who played from 1928 to 1947. While playing for the Reds, Cardinals, Phillies and Braves, he accumulated a record of 1 ( Full Answer )
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What si friendship?

Friendship is a lovingly connected bond between you and a person or more who know each other well.. Friendship is a lovingly connected bond between you and a person or more w ( Full Answer )
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What are the SI prefixes?

SI prefixes define sub-units or multiples (of ten) and are added to SI units to make it easier to express large or small quantities. For example: . You would probably say som ( Full Answer )
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What is an SI PREFIX?

If you mean the "Metric" system (SI), there are a great many prefixes, including kilo- (thousands), hecto- (hundreds), milli- (thousandth), micro- (millionth), pico- (trillion ( Full Answer )
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What is the english for Si?

"YES" of course! assuming, however, that we began with Spanish. Goodness knows what "Si" means in other languages...
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Sino si William H. Taft?

William Howard Taft was born on the 15th of September in 1857 anddied the 8th of March in the year 1930. He was the 27th presidentof the United States of America.
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Why is C-H bond in CH4 stronger than Si-H bond in SiH4?

It is stronger because the electron configuration of Carbon is 2.4 and of Silicon is 2.8.4. Because more rings are filled by the electrons in silicon the outer shell is furthe ( Full Answer )
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What si photosyntinses?

a process which plants do in order for them to produce their own food. Plants use the sunlight in the process.
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How do you annoy your sis?

put your hands over your ears and sing la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la l ( Full Answer )
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What si a neurosurgeon?

A Neruosurgen is someone who operates a nd deals with the brain or your nerological system
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Who is Rihanna's sis?

\nRihanna does not have a sister, but in fact she has two younger brothers called Rorrey and Rajad.
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What si a swoon?

1. To faint. 2. To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy. n. 1. A fainting spell; syncope. 2. A state of ecstasy or rapture. Source:
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What is si math?

I believe that si math involves calculations with US standard measurements. For example, in America we use feet, yards, miles, pounds, ounces etc.... The alternative is metric ( Full Answer )
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What is si patokaan?

Si Patoka'an is a marching song. It originates from the Minahasa, a province in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. The song was sung by marching Minahasa military on their way to f ( Full Answer )
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What does 'SI' stand for?

Acronym, in French language, of the standard scientific system of measure, internationally agreed upon, originally the metric system ( metre, kilogram, second [time] ) but exp ( Full Answer )
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Who si in the Illuminati?

No one is in the Illuminati currently. It no longer exists, notsince the late 18th century. When it did exist there were onlyabout two thousand people in south central Europe ( Full Answer )
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The sttory si malakas at si magnda?

Malakas and Maganda are two couples in love with each other and lives inside a bamboo trunk. This is just a short story from Philippines.
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Pabulang si pagong at si matsing?

SI PAGONG AT SI MATSING Sina Pagong at si Matsing ay matalik na magkaibigan. Mabait at matulungin si Pagong, subalit si Matsing ay tuso at palabiro. Isang araw, binigyan sil ( Full Answer )
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Story of si malakas at si maganda?

It was told that that in the beginning, there was no earth or man. There was only the Sky and the Sea. Both of equal prowess, they exist one above or below the other. The only ( Full Answer )
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Who si Jacob?

Who iz Jacob u mean? Jacob Black is a werewolf in the Twilight Saga. Hez in all the books and movies and he is part of the love triangle with Bella Swan(the main) and Edward C ( Full Answer )
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Si amomongo at si iput iput?

SI AMOMONGO AT SI IPUT-IPUT Isang gabi, naglalakad si Iput-Iput, (ang alitaptap) patungo sa bahay ng kanyang kaibigan.Nang mapadaan siya sa tapat ng bahay ni Amomongo(ang g ( Full Answer )
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What does si si mean in creole?

There's actually no such language as "Creole". The word creole refers to a type of language that results from the combination of two completely different parent languages. The ( Full Answer )
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What is a g sis?

if you have a sister whose first name starts with g she is considered a g sis or if you are a sister and your first name starts with a g you are considered a g sis