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Where was tic-tac-toe invented?

tic tac toe was invented in stamford Connecticut, man it was the easiest thing. they played a game and called it ticdas to but the Americans borrowed it and named it tic tac t ( Full Answer )
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Do tics effect humans?

Answer . Deer ticks do effect humans. They can cause limes disease. A regular tick just bites and may cause a small sore at the bite site. You can google lime disease or ti ( Full Answer )
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What is in a tic tac?

According to this box of spearmint Tic-Tacs sitting on my desk, theingredients are as follows: . sugar . maltodextrin . rice starch . gum arabic . natural and artificial ( Full Answer )
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What does tic mean?

think it again tic t=think i=it a=again It is also recognized as an online forum word shortcut, originating from the dial-up bulletin board days. It stands for "tongue in ( Full Answer )
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Where do tics live and nest?

Ticks live in the woods. They are known jumpers and live offdrinking the blood of mammals that they can hitch a ride on.
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Why was tic-tac-toe invented?

tic tack toe was in vented so kids who have nothing better to do can have a game and something to play.
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How do you get a tic off you?

Cover it in Vaseline and it will suffocate or buy a tick remover!! . You can grab them by the head and pull. Be gentle, because if you pull to hard, mouth parts can get stuc ( Full Answer )
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How large can a tic get?

A tic can be as big as a new born babys nose! Or biger.... I picked some off my dog that are as big as your Big Toe!!!!
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How can you tell if its a tic or a skin tag?

A skin tag is just that - a flat, loose flap of skin. A tick will look like a round, hard bead in the cat's fur and will be black or brown.
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What does a wood tic do?

A wood tic lives on a tree. And it will hop on a human go to the top of his or her head and suck on your blood!
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What is a tic toc on anoc?

a clock balacing on a cliff edge. (the clock must be ticking) if not it is wac nac on anoc.
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Are tics dangerous?

if you are not a young child then no but if you are 3 or under they can be very dangorous because they can choke on them
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How many tic tacs are in a box?

There are 36 tic tacs in one 18g Tic Tac Box In a BIG PACK, there are 1 OZ (29g)
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Do tics fall from trees?

i have had tics fall on me when standing under trees if the wind is blowing. i am sure that the wind doesn't need to be blowing for this to happen, also.
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What are the rules of tic tac toe?

this is how u play the game... -pick which piece you want x or o -2 person game 1.)pick 1 person to start 2.)that person could put one ov their peices (x or o) anywhere on t ( Full Answer )
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What is a tic remover?

First the question is unclear, since a "tic" is an involuntary facial movement, and a "tick" is a small parasite. If you are asking about the latter, here is the scratch on ( Full Answer )
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What is tic doulereux?

Tic douloureux or trigeminal neuralgia is a severe, stabbing pain to one side of the face. It stems from one or more branches of the nerve that supplies sensation to the face, ( Full Answer )
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Is it a pack of tic tacs or a box of tic tacs?

I would say a pack because it is primarily plastic and not cardboard as most boxes are made of. Divergent answer: I have to disagree that boxes are primarily cardboard. M ( Full Answer )
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What is 'tic' in English?

Tic in French can mean the sound of a clock as in ' tic-tac' (in English that would be tick tock) or it can mean a person's idiosyncrasies or mannerisms such as twitching.
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Can tic tacs freshen breath?

Tic-Tacs do not make your mouth cleaner, only good dental hygienecan do that. Tic-Tacs will however freshen your breath for a shortperiod of time, good for going out in public ( Full Answer )
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What does TIC stand for?

Technologies of Information and Communication . Thermal imaging camera . Tongue in cheek . TIC Summer Camp
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List words ending with tic?

acetic achromatic acoustic acrobatic acrostic adiabatic aesthetic agnostic alphabetic altruistic anachronistic anaesthetic analytic anarchistic anesthetic animistic antagonist ( Full Answer )
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Are Simple motor tics dangerous?

They can cause both emotional and physical pain (such as head jerking or jaw snapping)
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How are tics distinguished from other dyskinesias?

One of the major clinical signs that help distinguish tics from other dyskinesias is the presence of involuntary ocular (eye) movement in persons affected with tics.
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How big is a tic tac?

Its not big at all. If you look at you pinky's nail that's how long it is. The width is the width of your pinky.
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Are tics that are not deer tics harmful?

This is very basic answer, but any insect that bites can be harmful. If you know it can bite, or if it has bitten you, then you know it can or already has bitten probably quit ( Full Answer )
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Are Tic-Tacs gluten free?

Yes,Tic-Tacs are gluten-free. If you go to their website below in the link they have other information about different allergies to be aware of in their product.
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What is the trick to tic tac toe?

There really isn't a trick... It's mostly luck Unless of course you can get an opponent tricked into picking a box that benefits only you
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What is tic tac toe 2.0?

// Tic-Tac-Toe // Plays the game of tic-tac-toe against a human opponent #include #include #include #include using namespace std; // global constants const char X ( Full Answer )
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What is tic tac on toast?

You may be referring to a cooking utensil you can purchase. It's a sort of tic-tac-toe stamp you press into the bread before toasting it. Then you can play tic-tac-toe with ( Full Answer )
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How can one tell if a gesture is a tic?

A tic is an involuntary muscle movement that some people are more prone to than others. It would be very difficult to determine whether or not a gesture is actually a tic unle ( Full Answer )
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How do you kill tics on dogs?

Either use front line or use tweezers to pick them off and kill them yourself. If picking them off make sure to get their heads along with the rest if their body.
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Why is a tic considreded a paraste?

Anything that has to live off something else in order to survive isconsidered a parasite. In the case of a tic, it sucks the blood ofits victim in order to survive.
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Is it tic or tick?

Tic is a muscle twitch or a distinctive quirk of behavior. Tick isa recurring clicking sound, degree or increment on a scale, or amoment.