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What is mic switch?

Answer . It could be an abbreviation for many things, but probably indicates "micro" switch. A micro switch is any of a category of smaller switch assemblies.
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What is a MIC ticket?

A ticket for MIC is a Minor in Consumption ticket. In most areas it is punishable by a fine and community service.
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What is a mic?

Mic is an abbreviation for the word microphone. It is also an acronym for military industrial complex .
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Where can you get a PS3 mic?

Any blue tooth will work with the PS3. But if your thinking about USB mics, go to Gamestop (Or whatever game store you have at your location) and g obuy one. Here are some sto ( Full Answer )
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On the NintendoDs it has a mic how do you get to it?

Beleive it or not u dont need anything it is the way it needs to be so practically you can talk to it but this feature is only on some DS games like for example talking to ur ( Full Answer )
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What is a mic output?

Sound pressure hits a microphone's diaphragm and the microphone converts this acoustic pressure wave to a audio voltage wave. The microphone's output is called sensitivity of ( Full Answer )
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Where is the mic on an iMac?

The iMac's microphone is located on the top surface above the camera. If you look very closely you can see some small holes. That's the mic.
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How do you mic a camshaft?

First you have to have the basic skill of operating a Micrometer . Use the Micrometer to measure the bearing Journals. It is best to do six measurements per Journal. You are ( Full Answer )
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What is a balanced mic?

A balanced mic is based on a balanced connection offering better rejection to outside noise by a phenomenon known as CMR, common mode rejection. For example, audio is AC at an ( Full Answer )
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In imovie the built in mic sucks how can you record with your own mic?

You will need to use your own digital voice recorder and then import the audio into the computer to put into iMovie. If you have a USB microphone you can plug that in to us ( Full Answer )
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How do you mic a cello?

This is easy. If you are using a standard dynamic cardioid microphone (like the Shure SM58), simply adjust the microphone stand so that the microphone is close to the bridge o ( Full Answer )
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Where is mr mic man?

he is at Houston tx and he suks i think Kane needs to choke slam him so hard he needs to be tomeston and rest in pest this is undertaker ha ha ha die mr. mic mon.
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Are the Playstation 3 mics good?

Yes they are.They work on wii and computer and ps2 and maybe xbox cuz im not sure..ITS A MAYBE FOR THE XBOX
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What are the advantages of using multiple mics?

You can hookup on mic on the right side and another on the left.. Then, you got Sterio. If you add a delay to one or the other then it sounds really cool.
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How do calculate MIC50 and MIC 90?

Count how many isolate you have(1.e 114) and multiply that number by 0.9 for MIC90 or 0.5 for MIC50. So to find out the MIC90 of 114 isolate, you would multiply 114x0.9=10.26. ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a dsi mic?

My DSi mic is broken too... you have to pay someone to fix it like nintendo or something that's the only way, but I don't think it's worth the pay so I just kept mine broken, ( Full Answer )
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Does Windows Vista have a built in mic?

Windows Vista is a software so it cannot have a physical microphone built in but: It is true that Vista has already included drivers for majority of microphones so if you p ( Full Answer )
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What is a good studio xlr mic?

Audio Technica at2020. It's only $100, and it's amazing quality. Look up Forevermore on iTunes, they use the at2020 for their guitars and vocals. 'nuff said.
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What does mic jagger look like?

He is tall and is a dirty blonde. He is white. He has a taste for lether jackets. Ke$ha loves him.
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How do you mic up a guitar amp?

You can use the carry strap to hang a mike by its' cable in the way of the edge of the speaker. About 1/3rd of the way to its center. A desk mike holder pointing the mike at t ( Full Answer )
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Does MacBook come with built in mic?

yes. There is probably a small hole right by the webcam at the top of the screen that is the mic.
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What does a rifle mic do?

it records sound from the tip of the mic, for example if there were two people very close to eachother talking and the rifle mic was at only one of their mouths the mic would ( Full Answer )
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Can a blue snowball mic screw on to a regular mic stand?

Yes, the base of the Snowball is a standard 5/8" thread and will fit on to a standard North American microphone stand. Note that the pivot of the base of the Snowball is limit ( Full Answer )
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Where is mic on iPad?

The mic is right next to the headphone jack on the top left of theiPad.
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Where is Mic Righteous from?

His family fled to England in the late 1970s from Iran. He now lives in the Thanet area of Margate in Kent. Mic's brother is Takaloo or the Margate Rock, who is WBU light midd ( Full Answer )
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Where is the mic on the 3ds?

It is below the Start button. You can see a small hole where it is.
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Does the ipad1 have a mic?

Yes. Its a pin hole near the head phone jack. To test use notes app to record message out skype.
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What is hanging mic?

Also referred as Choir Mics. Generally a small condenser mic with a long thin cord to allow them to be hung in place from a ceiling such as in a choir loft.
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Where is the mic in your PC?

It depends on the model of your PC. Some PC's don't have a microphone installed while some do. They can be found on the front of the CPU tower, on the top or bottom of th ( Full Answer )
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Where is mic on the imac?

If you look on the very top of the screen just above the camera you will see a very tiny hole the size of a pin. That is the microphone. Speakers are located on the bottom of ( Full Answer )
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What advantages does a cordless mic have over a mic with a cord?

A cordless microphone provides you with greater mobility while you are using it. In addition to this, you can reduce the number of problems with tripping people experience wi ( Full Answer )
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What does MIC stands for?

MIC may stand for: . Mandatory Integrity Control - A security feature new toMicrosoft Windows Vista . Message Integrity Code - A cryptographic checksum used inwireless com ( Full Answer )