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Who are the Habs?

\n. \nHabs is the nickname fo the Montreal Canadiens a nhl hockey team. They are the Best!!!\nHabs comes from Habitants.
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Why are the Montreal Canadiens called the Habs?

The early French settlers, or inhabitants, of Quebec were referred to in French as Habitants. In the early years of the Canadiens the letter "H" inside the big "C" on their je ( Full Answer )
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Why are the Canadiens called the habs?

When the team was founded it was meant for the working class french men of Montreal. The french word for these people is Habitant. Which got shortened to habs over time.
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What does habs mean?

Habs is an abbreviation of "les habitants," the informal name given to the original settlers of New France, dating back to the 17th Century. So it's a natural fit for the The ( Full Answer )
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What does the h on habs jersey mean?

The H on the Montreal (Habs) Canadiens jersey stands for 'hockey' as the team's full name is Le Club de Hockey Canadien. The H does not stand for Les Habitants or Habs which i ( Full Answer )
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Habs all time leading playoff assists leader?

Larry Robinson amassed 109 assists in 203 playoff appearances for the Habs. His 203 games by the way is also a Hab record for most playoff appearances by a Montreal player.
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When did Carey price start to play for habs?

Carey Price was drafted by the Montreal Canadians (Habs) in 2005.He finally made the roster beginning with the 2007-2008 NHL season.
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Why are the Canadians called the habs?

The canadiens are called "HABS" because of the word "habitants" which the canadiens were called back in the 20s.
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Who were all the players to wear 17 for the habs?

George Laraque in 2009's Hockey season but i dunno the others :( srry Others include: Benoit Brunet, Rod Langway, Craig Ludwig, Jean-Guy Talbot
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What does ich hab dich liebe mean in English?

The correct phrase is "Ich hab dich lieb." It is the considerably less emotional form of "Ich liebe dich". Both translate as "I love you." The latter also suggests physical lo ( Full Answer )
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What is a Montreal Hab?

The Habs is one of the many nicknames of the Montreal Canadians hockey team. Their name had previously been the Habitants for the hockey team in Montreal, and the Anglo fans h ( Full Answer )
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Why is hab engidaw so famous?

he is an ethiopian singer, who he became so famous with his single song "Wodet wodet new" and his new song that he dedicated to the prisoner famous singer " Teddy Afro".....
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Why are the Monteal Canadians nicknamed 'the Habs'?

Having said that, the nickname might have been a result of an error. According to, the first man to call the Canadians "Habs" was Tex Rickard, owner of the Madison Squ ( Full Answer )
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Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküßt translation?

Can't find an "official" translation but maybe the following will help? Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküsst, hab' nie gefragt, ob es gestattet ist; dachte mir: nimm sie ( Full Answer )
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What kind of games can an Asus EePC 1005 HAB run?

best games I've found to play were: land of the dead road to fiddlers green and dead epidemic mod doom1 2 & 3 plus mods any emulators ie n64 snes genesis etc audiosurf :) ev ( Full Answer )
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What HABS stand for hockey league?

Les Habitants. Litterally French for "the inhabitants", it is a term long used by French Canadians to refer to themselves as a group..
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What does hab and gut mean?

Hab und Gut = worldly goods Hab und Gut = belongings Hab und Gut = chattels
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Why do they call Montreal canadiens habs?

When the first French settlers arrived in Quebec city in 1608, they then moved on the Montreal (other known as Hochelaga in that time) in 1623. They then were called the Habit ( Full Answer )
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Will Mike Cammalleri stop playing with the Montreal Habs?

Hopefully he won't (lol) it depends whether Pierre Gauthier will resign him when his contract expires and i am pretty sure that they will not trade cams. But i can not prom ( Full Answer )
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What does hab noch nen schonen Abend mean?

hab' noch 'nen schönen Abend translates as have a nice evening but a native speaker would not use it as it is grammatically incorrect and the sentence structure is En ( Full Answer )
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What does the latin word hab mean?

There is no such word in Latin. The verb habere means to have, to hold, to possess, to contain, to handle, to use.
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Why are the Montreal Canadiens sometimes called the habs?

Since the Colonial age the Quebecois have referred to themselves as "les habitants" (Fr. the inhabitants). When the NHL was first formed the Montreal Canadiens were intentiona ( Full Answer )
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Why would it be difficult to determine the causes of HAB related illness and events?

Sometimes the sea turns red. That is obvious. Other times the waterseems clear. The problems happen when people eat sea food likeoysters that concentrate the toxins. The water ( Full Answer )
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Why are the Montreal Canadiens also known as the Habs?

The original settlers in Quebec were sometimes referred to as inhabitants. This became shortened to habitants. The original Montreal Canadian jerseys contained a large letter ( Full Answer )
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Who wears number 9 in Habs team?

A very specific person wears the number nine in the Habs team. The name of the Habs team member that wears the number nine as his team number is Marty Barry.
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Where can one get more information on hab?

One can get more information on HAB by visiting the 'habhousing' website. HAB stands for Happiness Architecture Beauty. They have much information and a YouTube video.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Hab mich lieb - 1942?

The cast of Hab mich lieb - 1942 includes: Erich Dunskus Lucie Euler Clemens Hasse Paul Henckels as Papa Schmidtke Sonja Kuske Maria Litto Karin Luesebrink Mady Rahl as Helene ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Das hab ich in Paris gelernt - 1960?

The cast of Das hab ich in Paris gelernt - 1960 includes: Birgit Bergen as Betty, seine Frau Dieter Borsche as Bernhard Wedell, ihr Mann Edith Hancke Chris Howland as Fred Mil ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Dich hab ich geliebt - 1929?

The cast of Dich hab ich geliebt - 1929 includes: Trude Berliner as Edith Karin Mady Christians as Inge Lund Marion Conradi as Mariechen Walter Jankuhn as Otto Radney Hans Mie ( Full Answer )