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What is a haboob?

A penetrating sandstorm or dust storm with violent winds, occurringchiefly in Arabia, North Africa, Arizona , and India.
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How long does a haboob last on average I'm also interested about the average time of maximum darkness. Let's say the haboob hits you and suddenly there's dark all around. For how long can this last?

well, the haboob normally takes about (3-4)hr,and the name come from Arabic word (hab)or wind ,it happens usually in Sudan in summer from may to July (in north Sudan) ,in may ( Full Answer )
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What causes a haboob?

The process happens like this: In Sudan every year at the end of April, temperature began to increase more and more up to (49-50 C) at that time a wind called samoom (very h ( Full Answer )
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What are the key features of a Haboob?

Haboobs are very strong dust storms. Wind speeds can be up to 50mph. They appear to be a wall of dust, and can be thousands of feet high. Haboobs are caused by downdrafts near ( Full Answer )
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Where did the word Haboob originate?

If it doesn't matter what we call dust storms in the U.S. Midwest, then why the sudden urgency to call them "haboobs"? It seems odd there are so many here and in other forums ( Full Answer )
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What are you caught in if a haboob blows up?

Haboob means, "forceful wind" in Arabic. If you are caught in a Haboob, you are caught in a forceful wind. The forceful wind is usually associated with dust, dirt, or sand. Fo ( Full Answer )