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Who are the Habs?

\n. \nHabs is the nickname fo the Montreal Canadiens a nhl hockey team. They are the Best!!!\nHabs comes from Habitants.

Why are the Canadiens called the habs?

When the team was founded it was meant for the working class french men of Montreal. The french word for these people is Habitant. Which got shortened to habs over time.
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What does habs mean?

Habs is an abbreviation of "les habitants," the informal name given to the original settlers of New France, dating back to the 17th Century. So it's a natural fit for the The (MORE)

What is a Montreal Hab?

The Habs is one of the many nicknames of the Montreal Canadians hockey team. Their name had previously been the Habitants for the hockey team in Montreal, and the Anglo fans h (MORE)

Why do they call Montreal canadiens habs?

When the first French settlers arrived in Quebec city in 1608, they then moved on the Montreal (other known as Hochelaga in that time) in 1623. They then were called the Habit (MORE)