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What does HAGS mean?

it means Have A Great Summer
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What does hagged mean?

Being hagged means experiencing a night terror. Usually with sleep paralysis. There is usually a black form that becomes a shape. Some people see dark shadows, some see a hag (MORE)
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How does the hags' prediction about how the Great Birnam Wood shall come to Dunsinane come true?

The prophecy that Macbeth will be safe until Great Birnam Woodcomes to Dunsinane Hill comes true when Macduff orders his men tocut down trees and branches from Birnam Wood in (MORE)
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What does HAGS atand for?

HAGS simply means, Have A Good Summer. Commonly written in school yearbooks.
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What is the difference between a lamprey and a hag-fish?

a Hangfish has: a single nostril at the tip of its snout and has sensory tentacles around its mouth as well as slime glands and 1 pair of gill openings. A Lamprey (MORE)
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Where is the hagging garden of Babylon located?

Unfortunately we do not know . As far as I know nobody has found the location of the famous Hanging Gardens. All that we can surmise from the historical record was that it (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Hags - 2006?

The cast of Hags - 2006 includes: Jonny Fleet as Percy Swanson Ross McMaster as Rasta Yoga Guy Chris Rasman as Reggie Werthers Robert Sheldrick as White boy gangster