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What is alfalfa hay?

Alfalfa hay is a legume type hay that is rich in protein and fiber.It is commonly used in feeding rabbits and horses.
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What is oat hay?

The dried stems and leaves of the oat plant after the oats have been harvested, to use as bedding or feed for livestock.
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What is hay?

Hay is grass or legumes that have been cut and dried and stored for use as fodder for grazing livestock. Alternate: In Spanish Hay (pronunciation is similar to English Hi but ( Full Answer )
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Who was John Hay?

He was an American statesman, diplomat, author, journalist, and private secretary and assistant to Abraham Lincoln. . He was associated for the open door policy. . He se ( Full Answer )
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How is hay dried?

after you cut the hay alow it a week or a few days and the ted it until a litttle dryer and the rake it, alow to dry and bale it. there is also a machinbe called a conditioner ( Full Answer )
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What is timothy hay?

A perennial grass that is native to Europe and excellent fodder for horses and rabbits. It is often combined with clover or alfalfa.
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How do you get hay?

An old phrase is relevant to the process, Make Hay while the Sun Shines. The process requires that the particluar grass or legume must be air dried after cutting and before ( Full Answer )
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Where is hay?

well generally a feed store will provide hay for you to buy, but if you mean where does it grow, then its generally a crop that can be grown/ found on a farm.
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Is hay a plant?

Yes Hay is the dried foliage of various grasses after they have been cut and dried.
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Who was Louise Hay?

Louise Hey is an American self help book writer, publisher and teacher. she teaches positive thinking, self healing, using affirmations and more
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What is the cost of hay?

The cost of hay depends largely on the value of the dollar. The cost of hay - bread - milk - gasoline - diesel - propane - (you name it) keeps rising because the dollar is bec ( Full Answer )
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What Is A Hay Infusion?

A hay infusion is a culture made from water collected from a pond, lake, stream or puddle.
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Is hay a grain?

No, hay is cut and dried grass. It is forage, and since forage is so important in a horses diet, if a horse doesn't have access to grass 24/7, hay is given when he doesn't hav ( Full Answer )
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Who is gowan hays?

Hays, Gowan had the Grand Champion Dairy Heifer at the Roosevelt Co Fair 2008. Good Job Gowan!
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What is a hay?

hay is dead grass and you feed it to horses, cow and sheep! . and humans can NOT eat it!
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Who was Helen hays?

Helen Hays was a famous American actress. She won a bunch of awards for both her movies and her plays. You can go to - it will tell yo ( Full Answer )
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What does no hay mean?

it means that there are no available... if you for example ask for chairs and they tell you "no hay" it means there are no chairs.
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What is hay for horses?

hay is there main food- it is forage and froage sould make up the bulk of their diet. it is made of dried grass
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What is a roll of hay?

A roll of hay is basicly just a big cylinder of hay that measures about 1 1/2 meters high and 2 meters in diameter:]
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What is hay made out of?

plants and grass. there is different kinds of hay such as clover, fescue, wheat, Bermuda grass, and many others.
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What is hay made from?

Hay is made from grasses that are planted and grown specifically for animal feed. The plants are allowed to grow to a certain level of maturity then cut, let to sun dry, then ( Full Answer )
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What is An idiom with Hay in it?

An idiom with the word "hay" in it might include "make hay whilethe sun shines." This means that you should make the most of yourtime and complete everything you need to do wh ( Full Answer )
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When do you feed out hay?

I feed my horses hay every morning and night. Depending on the weight of the hay, I give two flakes in the morning, and two flakes at night to my arabs with a qt. of oats at n ( Full Answer )
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Where do horses get hay?

horses do not get hay. their owner or master buys the hay for them. then the human throws the hay on the ground for the horse to eat. Humans go to farm that sells hay then the ( Full Answer )
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What is haying season?

Haying season is when a farmer goes and cuts, rakes, and bails hay. i know this from experience. and on our farm we cut the hay in the summer and the fall. you can do big roun ( Full Answer )
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What is an hay mound?

The upper part of a barn that housed the hay for a variety of purposes on a farm. Bales of hay served as bedding, feed and wonderful walls for building forts for farm kids.
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How is hay fever related to hay?

Not concrete on this, But I would believe its origin lies in "Old Wive's Tales", that generally revolve around what was observed by being near or in hay and gaining a fever af ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural for hay?

The noun "hay" is a mass noun (like grass) and does not ordinarilyuse a plural. However, in some rare circumstances, such as describing types ofhay, the plural hays might b ( Full Answer )
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What does a hay bob do?

depending on the positions of the gatees at the back it can spread or line grass
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How was Hay thought of?

John McKinnon, recalled him as being "just terribly bright and willing to work a monstrous amount of time to get things done" (Florida Trend, June 2003). Hay, in turn, credite ( Full Answer )
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What is cooking hay?

People sometimes use hay in cooking to add a 'smoked' flavour to goods. You don't actually eat the hay, but cooking hay is free from chemicals or other additives that could af ( Full Answer )
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What is a lap of hay?

This could ba another term for a flake of hay or a pat of hay. I'm sure there are other terms too. When the strings or wires are cut from a bale of hay, the hay doesn't just f ( Full Answer )
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How old is Will Hay?

Will Hay was born on December 6, 1888 and died on April 18, 1949. Will Hay would have been 60 years old at the time of death or 126 years old today.
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Is it bale of hay or bail of hay?

The correct term is bale of hay, not bail. Bail means taking leave from a jail legally by giving some penalty, like 'Bailing out of jail' or to remove something, such as ( Full Answer )
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Where is Hay Scotland?

Hay is near Perth, North of Edinburgh and to the West of Dundee, on the East of Scotland.