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How are a hangi and a hongi different?

A hangi is a traditional Maori form of cooking in the ground withhot rocks. A hongi is a form of Maori greeting consisting oftouching or rubbing nose
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How big do you make a hangi pit and what do you cover the food with?

The average hangi pit to feed say 100 people only needs 3 baskets stacked which are about 500x700mm each. But dig down 4 baskets deep to allow for the irons or rocks, dig abou ( Full Answer )
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What are 4 good ingredients for a hangi?

Hangi is the name of a traditional way of cooking of New Zealandwhich is a method inherited from Maori culture. It consists ofputting a series of ingredients together, meat an ( Full Answer )
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Why do maori have hangi?

A hangi is an under ground oven where the Kai (food) is steamed using hot rocks. It is an effective way to cook alot of Kai for the iwi (tribe) and whanau (family).
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Who invented the hangi?

the maori hangi was invented by new zealand maori's, but it is also similar to samoan hangi but they cook their hangi in leaves, an nz hangi is cooked in tin foil to keep the ( Full Answer )
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Im 15 and a size UK 8 to10 if you lose weight will you get loose hangy skin and could you achieve a flat stomach?

No you will not get hangy skin. When your a teenager your bodys largest organ is your skin. So when you lose that weight your skin which is a very extrordinary part of your bo ( Full Answer )
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What is that hangy thing in a girls vagina?

You may be talking about the labia majora (the large, outer lips) or the labia minora (the smaller, inner lips), if you're referring to the skin hanging on the outside. But if ( Full Answer )
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Why is hangi and pavlova the traditional dish for New Zealand?

I dunno about Hangi but Pavlova was invented by a lady called Anna Pavlova, and she was a Kiwi. However, today is is a bit of a debate about whether or not it is actually a tr ( Full Answer )
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Is a hangi a feast in jail?

A hangi is a traditional Maori way of cooking food, done in a pit using heated stones and/or pieces of iron, with water or leafy vegetation thrown on to to produce steam. Bein ( Full Answer )