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Why do you hang stockings?

Hanging Stockings . Please visit the History Channel Com. for information on all the traditions of Christmas throughout the world, "The Histor ( Full Answer )
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Why do they hang the flag?

The Flag is hung to show that we care about our country and the soldiers that give their lifes to us and the U.S. That's why we hang the flag.
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How do you hang out with a girl?

Take her out to dinner and the moves. Make sure you brush your teeth and smell good. Be very sweet:)
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What is Hanging indent?

A hanging indent is where all of the lines of a specific paragraphare indented when compared to the rest of the paragraphs. Anexample is when you place a quote in an essay pap ( Full Answer )
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How to hang out with friends?

Just be there, be yourself and try to stay out of any forseen trouble. Don't ever give into peer pressure.
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How do you hang gutters?

many ways spike and ferule,hidden hangers,roof strap or the snaplock system to name a few talk to local contractor for best way for your particular house
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What was the Great Hanging?

In October 1862 in Gainesville, Texas forty suspected Unionists were hanged. The link below makes interesting reading
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Who was hanged in England?

Guy Fawkes. (Roman Catholic who tried to blow up Parliament). He was sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered (half hung, bowels ripped out and body chopped into 4 pieces) b ( Full Answer )
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Why did he leave me hanging?

Only he would have the answer to this question and if you are that curious you should try to meet with him and hopefully get an answer out of him. You would have known his per ( Full Answer )
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What is the hanging garden?

Nebuchadnezzar's wife, Amytis, missed her green homeland, Medes. With that Nebuchadnezzar build her the hanging gardens in Babylon. They were also regarded as one of the anci ( Full Answer )
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What is a hanging valley?

A tributary valley that joins a main valley where the latter has been deepened, usually by glacial erosion, resulting in a steep drop from the floor of the tributary valley to ( Full Answer )
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What did Saddam do to get hang?

He was responsible for the death of two to three million of his own people. (Iraqis and Kurds) He was also a dictator. Meaning he took power over the country by force. -
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What is lynching and hanging?

Well, actually, they are basically the same thing. Lynching is to be put to death by hanging without a lawful trial, so both of them have to do with hanging.
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What is a hang over?

a hang over is when you get massive headaches and you dont want to move.
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How to get your boyfriend to hang out with you?

if he really likes you he will hang out with you and if hes not hanging out with you its because hes trying to avoid you so that you will break up with him instead of him hurt ( Full Answer )
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Who does Obama hang out with?

President Barack Obama has been known to socialize with several prominent celebrity figures. These include Jay-Z, and his wife Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jole ( Full Answer )
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Where do lesbians hang out?

Lesbians hang out everywhere just like other people, unless theyare in a strict society. This is also proves true as many societiesare accepting different sexualities. They al ( Full Answer )
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What can be hanged down?

Care to elaborate on what it is you're really asking? This question is so open ended it is unanswerable!
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What is a hang jury?

It is actually called a "hung jury" and it is when the jurors cannot decide on a verdict in a trial. They cannot come to a consensus or agreement.
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Who does Eminem hang out with?

Well he is friends with dr.dre so he might hang out with him maybe. -thx!
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Why Socrates was hanged?

Socrates was hung do to his vocal criticism of democracy in Athens. He was often heard praising Sparta, Athens' archrival, He also was told by the oracle that while many wise ( Full Answer )
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What is passive hanging?

A method of suicide that has the victim sitting or kneeling and leaning forward. They can EASILY stand up or move and stop the process because they are not "hanging". However, ( Full Answer )
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Is hanging an adjective?

It can be (a hanging light, a hanging basket). It is the presentparticiple of the verb (to hang) and can also be a noun for anexecution by rope, or a wall covering. * In the s ( Full Answer )
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Where did Poseidon hang out?

As far as a legend goes, he hangs out at seas or oceans close to Europe.
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Who was going to be hanged?

sam the onion picker b/c he kissed kissin kate barrlow before she was and outlaw( school teacher)
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Where are places to hang out?

the web (Lazar tag), flubs darriette (in Hamilton Ohio, any pizza place, animal shelter and a car repair shop.
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Does he want to hang out?

Alright, take it from a guy if you are a pretty and fun girl and show a little flirting every now and then give a wink or smile just show you are interested in him then he wil ( Full Answer )
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What is hanging mic?

Also referred as Choir Mics. Generally a small condenser mic with a long thin cord to allow them to be hung in place from a ceiling such as in a choir loft.
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Who does scout hang out with?

well in the book in to kill a mockingbird if thats what your refering to she hangs out with Dill a friend from the neighborhood that visits its aunt in the summer and she also ( Full Answer )
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Who hanged out with Artemis?

Her twin Apollo, Orion her giant, her hounds, and her mother Leto and also her fathee Zeus
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What is the hanging Parliament?

A hung parliament is one where, after voting, neither party has the majority of power (or seats). To put it simply, it's a draw.
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Did they hang slaves?

yes, sometimes. Slaves who committed crimes like murder or rape of a white person could be hanged.
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Why do they hang stockings?

because they used to hang there socks over the fire place to dry, and that is one east place for Santa to put presents!
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Where does ozone hangs out?

The ozone hangs out in the ozone layer. This is present in thestratospheric region of atmosphere.
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What was on the hanging gardens?

The Hanging Gardens probably did not really "hang" in the sense ofbeing suspended from cables or ropes. The name comes from aninexact translation of the Greek word kremastos, ( Full Answer )