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The Hillworth Road bridge over the former Berks Hants extension railway in Devizes still shows a distance of 85 miles on it Where was this distance measured from?

Answer . The Berks & Hants Extension Railway was part of the GWR when the line to Devizes from Hungerford was opened in 1862. Hence the distance of 85 miles shown on the H ( Full Answer )
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When was St Thomas More's school Havant Hants UK opened?

I attended one year before going to grammar school in 1957 so the answer must be 1956. I transferred from St Josephs, behind the Catholic Church in West Street in Havant.
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Where was the American army hospital in stockbridge hants?

one and a half miles to the east of stockbridge on the Winchester road. the current lay- by opposite stockbridge downs is on the site of the entrance. the image on bing maps ( Full Answer )
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What to do at the hanted house for Pokemon platniom?

you have to go to the haunted house at night and do something at there ok my booklet says go there at night and check the TV to find rotom
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Is hill view manor hanted?

yes and no it is believed that there may be a haunting at hill view manor but it has not been proven that there are not ghosts/spirits resident. since it has not been pr ( Full Answer )