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What happed with science in 1994?

athe pilgirms decide to invent the first is also pronunced as dung!it is sometimes green depends what u eat!if u eat pasztet it will be me these answers have ( Full Answer )
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What major events are happing in Ecuador?

some of the major events that are happening in Ecuador is the water drainage in the rocky mountains that where carried over by the mountain in Colorado and that is what is hap ( Full Answer )
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How did Hannah Montana happed?

Hannah Montana happened by the episode " Goin' Hollywood " from That's so Raven. That is when Miley Cyrus tried out for the part of Lily then Disney called and said they wan ( Full Answer )
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What happed to the titanic in 1912?

In 1912, Titanic departed on her maiden voyage to the US but struckan iceberg and sank on her only sailing.
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What happed to azula?

In the third season, Azula slowly begins to become crazy as her "friends", Ty lee and Mai betrayed her. This proved to her that fear was not reliable. After she became Firelor ( Full Answer )
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Get a DUI with commercial driver what happed to?

One less person who has no business behind the wheel of a CMV findsthemselves out of a job. If you don't have the sense to not drinkand drive - ESPECIALLY when you decide to e ( Full Answer )
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What happed to the Titanic?

It hit an iceberg and the iceberg crushed the side and water started pouring in, from then the ship stared to sink.
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What happing to deforstation?

taking and distroying the homes of many animals so they basically turn them to extinct
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Why did the Boston massacre happed?

The Boston Massacre occurred because the Bostonians were protestingthe presence of the British Forces being in there, the Bostonianswere throwing snowballs at them and throwin ( Full Answer )
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What happed to the dinosaurs?

The scientist believe the dinosaurs did because of many reasons Some think that a meteor strike the earth and with all the dust that covered the atmosphere the sun light could ( Full Answer )
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What happed to Anne Frank?

Her secret hideout, guarded by Miep Gies, was raided and the Franks were taken to a concentration camp. Unfortunately, only Otto Frank survived the concentration camp and get ( Full Answer )
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How do you bake banh bo hap?

\nTwo recipes (links):\n. \n\n. \n. \nThis second one is a lot more detailed, with steps and everything.\n. \ ( Full Answer )
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How do you sing its a hap hap happy day?

McDonalds is our kind of place It's such a happy place Hap hap hap happy place A clean and snappy place McDonald's is our kind of place A clean and snappy place M ( Full Answer )
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What will happen tomorrow when stuff happeds?

You know, there are soooooooo many answers to this question, it's crazy, because this world is soooo unpredictable. You wouldn't have to ask this question if you knew Jesus. ( Full Answer )
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What activities happed in the colosseum?

gladiator fighting, when a gladiator fights a tiger or when a beggar or law breaker has to fight for their lives
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What is happing to antarctica now?

May 26 is deep within the darkest and upcoming coldest part of theyear on the continent. Winter-over souls are cleaning and repairingequipment so that when the season opens in ( Full Answer )
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What is happing in Haiti?

\nThere has been another earthquake here in hatie I am lucky to be alive the last earthquake was a 7.9 buildings are falling my house is on the ouside of hatie but there was a ( Full Answer )
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In 1994 what happed to the country sarajevo?

First of all Sarajevo isn't a country, it's the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. in 1994 Bosnia and Herzegovina was in war,acctualy ,pretty much the entire Balkans wer ( Full Answer )
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What happed to the chaldeans?

they died duh ! They Definently Didnt "Die" I'm Chaldean and Im Alive Most Decentants Live in Michigan or Pretty much All Around. I'm in Florida But Most Live in Michiga ( Full Answer )
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What haps when you tip the iceberg?

to do it you need a even amount of penguins to do it most penguins need to go on the left side of it it takes 20 on the left and 10 on the right side the iceberg can only hold ( Full Answer )
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What happed to master chief?

The last anyone saw of master chief, he was floating through space after the the replacement ring 04 exploded. You people may not agree but i think that that he landed somewhe ( Full Answer )
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How the Holocaust happed?

The Holocaust happened because of the appeasement. Germany was desperate to get a government that would seek out the rights of the people and revenge, so they would of let any ( Full Answer )
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What is happing in the ozan layer?

Large number of activities are there in ozone layer. Depletion and destruction is also there.
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What does hap mean in Hebrew?

hap is not a word. If it's a name, then please provide it's meaning and I can find a hebrew name with a similar meaning for you.
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What happed to jane Seymour?

She died following childbirth of Edward,possibly of complications, or blood poisoning, the way in which children were born and women were looked after was hardly hygenic, so I ( Full Answer )
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What does Shakespeare mean by the word Haps?

"Hap" is the word "Happen". Shakespeare used both although "hap" was on the way out, because sometimes it was what he needed for his rhyme scheme. Something the same happened ( Full Answer )
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What happed to jeasus after Good Friday?

He was placed in a tomb where he arose 3 days later. Easter is the resurrection of Christ and good Friday is the day in which he gave his life for all.
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How do you spell hap- pies?

The word may be one of these: happiest - (adjective) most happy, the superlative for happy and happier happens - (verb) occurs, takes place
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What will happed if you throw the budda in the bin?

From a non religious point of view, nothing. However from a Buddhist's perspective, i think it may be deemed disrespectful and maybe something will happen at your misfortune ( Full Answer )
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When do you know that your period is happing?

You know that you're experiencing your period because there isblood coming from your vagina - typically this continues for 5-7days but shorter or longer than this can be norma ( Full Answer )
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When did Hap Depew die?

Hap Depew died on April 11, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, USA of heart attack.
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What has the author Hap Gilliland written?

Hap Gilliland has written: 'Indian Children's Books' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Books and reading, Children, Children's literature, Indians of North America, Juvenile lite ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Hap Hatton written?

Hap Hatton has written: 'Helpful hints for better living' -- subject(s): Consumer education 'Helpful hints for hard times' -- subject(s): Consumer education
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What happed in the election of 1920?

Republican Partycandidate Warren Harding won the 1920 presidential electiondefeating Democratic Party candidate James Cox. In the 1920presidential election Warren Harding rece ( Full Answer )
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What happed during the long march?

It was in 1934-35. The Chinese Communists withdrewfrom thesouth-east to the north-west of China. Mao Zedong led 100,000 thepeople through 6,000 miles (mountains, rivers) for 9 ( Full Answer )