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Why are dogs haram?

it's mixture of different meats including pork.
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Why are haram things haram?

Haram things are haram because they don't go together with Islamicprinciples. Islamic principles are in turn, a way of life and goodfor us both morally and physically. This is (MORE)
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What foods are haram?

Foods that are related to pig, such as bacon, ham, Jello, marshmallows etc. See question below for more details.
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What is Haram?

"Haram" means forbidden. Anything that is haram is strictlyprohibited, e.g. drinking alcohol or beer; if we do that, we willbe punished.
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Is doritos haram?

nope its haram...i called the frito lay company. the lady said they use pork enzymes I would have to disagree to the previous answers. It is not sufficient enough and leads t (MORE)
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Why is pig haram?

It is haram (forbidden) to eat pig (pork) meat per Allah (God in English) command in Quran and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings. refer to question below.
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Are doritos haram?

I know that any brand of Frito Lay including Doritos, Cheetos, Sunchips etc. that is cheese flavored are in fact haram. They use an ingredient in the cheese that comes from po (MORE)
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What is the haram?

"Haram" has several meanings.. The Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah is also known as the Holy Mosque. In this case, "haram" means "holy" or "sacred.". The Masjid an-Nabi in Madinah (MORE)
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Why are lays haram?

Lays are haram because it is produced with animal fats called'Disodium Inosinate' which are produced from animal fats, frompigs.
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Are songs haram?

Songs with instruments are haram for more information go to
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Is mirinda haram or not?

If you mean Mirinda the soda then I don't think so. But what I do know that Coca Cola says bad stuff about the Prophet and Pepsi has a chemical of a pig that helps make it aci (MORE)
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What is the opposite of haram?

The opposite to the Arabic word haram (forbidden in English) is halal (Allowed in English)
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Is killing haram?

killing is haram because nobody has the right kill another, only god has that right because he is the one who has created everything, so do be killing somebody is trying to ta (MORE)
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Is Thanksgiving Haram?

Answer 1 Well Haram is a holy park in Islamics tradition so Thanksgiving isnot a Haram. Now in Islam Haraam (two As after the R) is something that isforbidden by Islamic law (MORE)
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Are marshmallows haram?

Some marshmallows do not use gelatin. Those are halal. You can also ask for Kosher marshmallows. Those also do not have gelatin.
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Are poptarts haram?

Popart are haram only the one withouth the frosting are halal mainly because they use haram gelatin in.the frosting
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Is E120 haram?

yes it is because it has insect blood.
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Is it haram to dj?

By 'DJ' we assume you mean to imply a 'Disc Jockey', or one who is responsible for playing music at a gathering, or a discotheque, or a bar, etc. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.49 (MORE)
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Is Tumblr haram?

Actually no, at least of what I think. I'm a muslim and I don't think tumblr is Haram, unless it's being misused.
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Is Oreo haram?

yes they are, but sandlin still eats them
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Is snicker haram?

Snickers are not haram and are allowed to be eaten by Muslims if not including in its ingredients any alcohols or pork ingredients.
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Why is smoking haram?

Answer 1 Smoking is not haram. It is, however, bad as it stinks the mouthand it gives bad smell. Answer 2 There are divergent opinions on this issue. There are those whoar (MORE)