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What can you do if your husband hits you?

There is absolutely no excuse for a man to hit a woman. If a woman is out of control then the man should leave the premises before things get too hot to handle.. However, peo ( Full Answer )
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Why is he hitting on you?

Answer Boy Trouble . \nHe is hitting on you cause he likes you or he wants you to notice him,to like him back. Or he just likes hitting on girls. YOU PICK AN ANSWER
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Is she hitting on me?

Answer . It may just be the simple fact that he is a little attracted to you, or just simply because he thinks that you are attracted to him.. Answer . It may just be t ( Full Answer )
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How do you hit?

You should ask the dealer what the proper indication is. Usually the desire to be hit in Blackjack is indicated by bending a finger towards you, in a "come here" sign, or by p ( Full Answer )
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When do you hit in Blackjack?

The rule of thumb for hitting is: If the dealer is showing a 2 through 6, stand on a breaking hand, 12 or better. If the dealer is showing a 7 through Ace, hit on a 16 or ( Full Answer )
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What is the hitting rule?

it is when a sibling is being annoying. and the other sibling is allowed to hit them.
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Where do cyclones hit?

Cyclones form and occur in a variety of areas around the world. "Cyclone" is the generic term for cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes. Cyclones develop in the warm seas near the ( Full Answer )
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What is a hit?

In Field Hockey, it is either a goal or a physical attack. In technology, it is a unit of the number of people that have visited a web page/site.
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Should you hit someone when they hit you?

1.if someone hits you knock him out dont let him boss u around The choice is yours to make. And you have to live with the consequences which could be anything from murder ( Full Answer )
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What if he hits on you?

Chances are VERY high that if he is hitting on you that he likes you. If you like him... GO FOR HIM(:
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Can you hit someone who asks to be hit?

Actually no. Assult is still assult, regardless if it is asked for or not. It can be phrased various ways but ultimately it's still the act of striking someone which would be ( Full Answer )
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Can you hit your parents if they hit you?

I would counsel you to contact the state family services department in whatever state you live in. As far as I know it is illegal to hit a minor in most states. Just by you as ( Full Answer )
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Can you hit girls if they hit you?

Under the law gender does not matter. You might be able to claim self defense. Socially no, you can't hit girls as it is against social norms.
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If a girl hits you can you hit her back?

There is a social stigma attached to boys hitting girls. Boys should not hit girls, but at the same time, girls should nothit boys. People should keep their hands off of each ( Full Answer )
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Can your boyfriend hit you if you hit him?

It is not right for a boy to hit a girl, and the reason people say that is because girls are more timid than boys and a little less brave. If a women was to hit a man and he h ( Full Answer )
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Where do you hit a person at?

For one you should never hit a person any where. does matter what they do,
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What do you do if you hit a vein?

Well you bleed a lot until the site clots or you bleed out (that could take several hours depending on the vein). Body Piercing is not a hobby or recreational activity, it is ( Full Answer )
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Can you get hit by lightning?

Yes, and it will likely kill you or cause severe damage to the brain/nervous system. In the USA alone every year, on average about 90 people are killed by lightning strikes. ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if a tsunami hits?

Head to higher ground or evacuate to somewhere else. Make sureyou do this quickly because when the tsunami hits there's no turning back. . +++ . If you are on a boat your be ( Full Answer )
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Can you hit someone if they hit you first?

Self defence situations require you to respond with the minimum force necessary . So, if someone were to hit you and continue attacking you, you could justify hitting them ba ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your mom hits you?

Hiyah My Mum Hits Me When Im Naughty and When My Sis Gets Me In Trouble And If I Swear She Really Goes Over The top But Ive DOne Nothing Because i Have Nothing To Proove Shes ( Full Answer )
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What is lethal hit?

a hit to the head over 1 km/h might kill you it could be less
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When do girls hit you?

Usually when you annoy them or sometimes they do it because of a bad joke.
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Do you hit somebody when thy hit you?

Well the Golden Rule says "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You." So technically no. Unless you like being hit lol
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What is hitting in softball?

It's when a batter successfully hits a ball to an area where the fielders are not ale to field it
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What are hits?

In terms of the internet : A hit is any positive match that a search engine finds. If you make a search on a website (Google or Yahoo for example) and you find a result, ( Full Answer )
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Where did the japan tsunami hit and where did it not hit?

This tsunami traveled over half the globe across the Pacific Ocean. The first waves hit Hawaii about 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT) Friday and traveled across the Pacific from Alaska t ( Full Answer )
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Is batter out if hit by ball that he hit?

When a batter hits a ball and then leaves the batter's box, heimmediately becomes a base runner. Rule 7.08(f) states that arunner is out if "He is touched by a fair ball in fa ( Full Answer )