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What is a homeworker?

A home worker works from home, rather than commuting to a place of business. Some participate in home-based businesses, and others work from their homes for outside compani (MORE)
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How do you say 'homework' in Japanese?

しゅくだい, which romanizes to shukudai (shoe-ku (as in cuckoo)-die). The kanji is 宿題. The word ホームワーク (houmuwaaku) (MORE)
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Three paragrghs about Why is homeworks important?

WikiAnswers is not going to write your paragraphs for you - that'scheating and it's wrong. You need to make a list of the reasons youthink homework is important and just prete (MORE)
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Can you say homeworks or is it always singular?

"Homework" is always singular, so you would say, "Brian and Emily have finished their homework." If you want a plural to refer to homework from different classes, you can say (MORE)
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Need help with Physics homework.?

Good luck. You'll probably be more successful at finding some help if you reveal some of your questions. The #1 best source of help is always the teacher who assigned the (MORE)
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Can you say homeworks?

It is not grammatically correct, no. The word is homework. "I have a lot of homework." or "I have homework in severalclasses."
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Is homeworkitis real?

it is a disease which means you can't do homework and have to play more video games.
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Why should you do your Homework-in-Hindi?

WikiAnswers is not going to write an essay for you - that'scheating and it's wrong. Just put down your reasons and explaineach one and you'll have an essay in no time.
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Can you say a lot of homeworks?

It sounds unnatural. I'd say no, you can't. Just say "a lot of homework".
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What kind of homeworks are there?

First - the word "homework" is singular, so you don't say"homeworks are" you say "What kind of homework is there?" and thatcan mean one homework assignment or several assignme (MORE)
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How long has Homeworks been in business?

Homeworks has been in business for 76 years. It had reached 75 years in 2012. Homeworks is a Electric Co-Operative business in the United States of America.
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How do you do homeworker while watching tv?

Nope you're good to go kid. In my experience, turning down the volume to a very low setting canbe just enough to keep me sane whilendoong homework, withoutactually bothering m (MORE)