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What is a creative home loan?

When someone wants to buy a home, but they are unable to gather enough money to pay for it (cash for equity + loan proceeds), then the buyer and seller are going to have to ge (MORE)

What is voice in creative writing?

Your "voice" is the way that you "speak" on paper. It is how your words come across to the reader, and it will be different for every writer. Voice depends on the style you ch (MORE)
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What is the importance of creative writing?

Creative writing is important for many reasons. . Creativity means using your brain, and anything you do to use your brain improves your intelligence and helps you to learn (MORE)

What is imagery in creative writing?

Imagery in creative writing is how one or more of the reader's senses respond. to words, descriptions, and languages.. It's used to paint vivid pictures in the. minds of re (MORE)

How to write creative writing to myself?

Creative writing is defined as a story, poem, or book -- it's designed to be read by others. If you're just wanting to write to yourself, I recommend a diary or personal journ (MORE)

Fun and creative things to do at home?

Make your own movie starring you or use inanimate objects as people. you can use a camera and shoot it as stop motion or use your video recorder and stop motion it that way or (MORE)

In what ways do you encourage creativity in your classroom?

Teachers can do a number of things to make sure students have the chance to show their creativeness. One example would be when students are given a research assignment, teache (MORE)

What is the difference between creative writing and non creative writing?

Creative writing is generally associated with fictional writing, such as fantasy, science-fiction, drama, and horror. Non-creative writing is generally associated with non-fic (MORE)

What are the Features of creative writing?

I'm not sure exactly what you're wanting, but here are some ideas: . Clarity - your writing must be clear and concise andunderstandable . Form - stories must follow an unde (MORE)