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What is IC LM1895N?

An LM1895N is a audio power amplifier chip. It is an 8W amp and can drive 4-ohm loads. The amp itself has 7 external connnections, but it comes in 8 pin DIP and 11 pin SIP pac (MORE)
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What is icing?

Rule 81. For the purposes of of this rule, the center red line will divide the ice into two halves. Should any player of a team, equal or superior in numerical strength (power (MORE)
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What is a monolithic IC?

A monolithic IC is a type of "integrated circuit" electronic device (commonly referred to as a "chip") that contains active and passive devices (transistors, diodes, resistors (MORE)
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What is an IC?

An IC is an integrated circuit . It is package with a number of electronic components built into it. This device can contain a few electronic components or millions of them. (MORE)
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How do you make icing with out icing sugar?

Answer: . Well, today I made cupcakes, and a reliable source told me (since we didn't have icing sugar at the time) to take normal sugar and grind it in our coffee grinder, (MORE)
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How do you make icing with icing sugar?

1 1/2 cups of icing sugar 1 egg (only the white) 1lid of vanilla essences mix together the sugar and eggs. them wisk in the the vanilla :D so simple sooo (MORE)
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How do you get ic?

Its a bladder disease, that is very uncomfortable, and i have it, as in many other people to do I find it online and local ic market. Often online I will check some famous ic (MORE)
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How do you make icing out of icing surgar?

Depends which icing If you want to do normal icing or buttercream here are the instructions These can both cover 12 small fairy/cup cakes or a 20cm cake. These are instruction (MORE)
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Who has ice-cream?

people who owned a ice cream shop have ice cream
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How do you cure ic?

You cannot cure IC yet, because there is no cures for it yet, im a 16 year old male suffering with IC for about 4 months now, yes its very painful and uncomfortable indeed, bu (MORE)
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What is dirty icing?

basicly what dirty icing is, is when you ice the cake with a thick icing and dont rub it to even it out
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What is ic dexamethasone?

My mother is taking it the night before her chemo treatments. to raise her blood platelets
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What is IC 8253?

The 8253 and 8254 are Programmable Interval Timers (PITs), which perform timing and counting functions. They were primarily designed for the Intel 8080/8085-processors, (MORE)
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What does it mean to get iced?

according to urban dictionary it means.... Icing" -- or "getting iced" -- is a frat star drinking game. The rules are simple: If a person sees a Smirnoff Ice, he or she must (MORE)
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IC 741 is an?

It is an opamp chip consisting of 8 pins
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What is a Darlington IC?

Darlington circuit is voltage follower circuit with high input impedance and low output impedance.Darlington IC must have this ciruit integrated on it..
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What is iceing?

when the puckis shot across one goal line to the other team's goal line and it remains untouched. When this happens, there is a face off in the team that shot the puck's defen (MORE)
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What is 7432 ic?

The 7432 is a quad two input OR gate with TTL levels.
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How do you thicken icing?

You add powdered sugar. To make a pefect batch of icing is a stick of butter and ass icing until it is nice and foamy. To make chocolate just add coco powder to the recipe
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What is an 7402 ic?

A: It is a 14 pins dual in line quadruple 2 input positive NOR Gates. It BELONG TO THE 74XX family of IC
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What to do after ICS?

Bachelor In Computer Science(BSC) . Bachelor In Computer Engineering(BSC) . B.Tech . BCA