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What is IDE?

IDE may refer to: . Integrated development environment , a software development system . Intact dilation and extraction , a form of abortion . Insulin degrading enzyme ( Full Answer )
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What is a SCSI ID?

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface SCSI is an industry standard system interface, which allows multiple peripheral devices to be installed on the system. The number of de ( Full Answer )
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What is a pokemon id?

A Pokemon's ID is the ID of the trainer and player that originallyowned and caught it. This is used by the game and players toidentify which Pokemon belongs to which player.
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A user id or an user-id?

The English language depends on how it sounds. Since "user" doesn'tstart with a vowel sound, it should be "a user-id." "An" is sometimes used with words starting with 'h' wher ( Full Answer )
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What is the Id?

The abbreviation "I.D." (identification) is also used as avernacular verb "to identify". The "id" in psychiatry was a Freudian construct supposedlyembodying all the "animal" a ( Full Answer )
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What are IDE cables?

IDE Cables are cables that transfer data between devices in adesktop computer (Such as a hard drive and disk drive to amotherboard). The are very wide, and very flat. And have ( Full Answer )
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What is Network ID and Host ID?

Network ID A network ID refers to a part of a TCP/IP address that is used to identify the subnet that a host may be on. The subnet that the computer is on is determined by th ( Full Answer )
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What is a id for?

We need more information, so we can give you the right answer, here are a few sites that might help (id?): . ID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ID, I.D. or id may refe ( Full Answer )
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Can you use an expired id as id?

No, most states will not accept expired ID as valid. please let me use my expired id
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How do I id the ghosts?

you talk to them with an ouija board, i recommend you research this first before going ahead with it as these things are very dangerous and can cause many problems. you can b ( Full Answer )
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What is a ID?

on a computer, an ID is your screename. in real life, your ID is your name!
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Where to get id?

if there is a dairy near by. then go to the owner of the shop and ask how to get an id
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Why do you need ID to get ID?

i want mr sharukh khans not becoz i want to meet him or to take his autograph or something purpose is to meet him ,becoz i am a literatur and profesional film writ ( Full Answer )
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What are the Ides?

The Ides are the middle of the month as opposed to the Calends which are the beginning of the month. Thus the Ides of March fell on March 15; the much less famous Calends of M ( Full Answer )
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How do you get ID without ID?

Start with your birth certificate. Apply for a passport card - or a passport. Take that in to the drivers license bureau - some states provide an ID there. In most places, tho ( Full Answer )
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What does an ID card have on it?

Which ID card you are asking about? Driving License, Passport Card,Birth Certificates, Social Security Number, US Citizenship etc.Each ID card has information based on the typ ( Full Answer )
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What is the abbriviation of id?

ID is the abbriviation of Identification. It is already an abbriviation, therefore it does not have one of its own.
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What your id for flipnote?

Look at the tool thing above which is the options and you see it My ID 5B60CF50A0BB7E9C
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How do you get apple ID?

by plugging your apple device on your computer and following theninstructions on itunes or by going apple's website.
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How do you get COSSY ID?

you can get a cossy id at local yugioh event or just go to wallmart
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How do you make id?

Sign up to a popular email service that has chat or a form of socialism or social site to make your own ID.
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What is ID in lineage?

To some people it is vitally important to them who their parents, where they were born, etc. Other people have a more modern point of view
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What is an forum ID?

Sounds like a user id which you will have as soon as you register here. (In this forum). Just a name that you use when submitting responses in a forum. Mine is oddblob99.
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How can you get an ID if you are homeless?

Oregon's DMV has a unique solution: You need to provide a 'descriptive address', such as "Under the west end of the Burnside Bridge", along with a mailing address (i.e. P.O. B ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an ID on Blockland?

When you buy the game you automatically get an ID. There is no ther way but to buy Blockland to get an ID.
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How do you get ID if you have no ID?

The best way would be to apply for a passport whilst using someone that you've known for at least 2 years to confirm your identity. There's more information in the passport gu ( Full Answer )
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Why won't my ID?

this question makes no sense so neither will the answer. because you have to flip the frinoc nevulator to fix the gumunagnor then it will work. hope this helps (it wont)
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What do you need for id to get a photo id?

i need a copy of my brith record so i can get my id .but i need my id to get a copy of my brith record .help me please my id is out of date
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What id ghb?

Gamma hydroxy butrate. it is a substance that in high doses can be a date rape drug but at lower and medium doses is similar to alcohol but with more euphoria. It was scheduel ( Full Answer )
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What is a storm8 ID?

A storm8 ID is something that helps you get neighbors that are your real friends and you can borrow stuff from them
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What is a gamer id?

A name that identifies a player when he or she is playing online with others, so they can be determined and recognized.
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What is id bareminerals?

ID bareminerals is a brand of makeup that is made from five crushed minerals that is suppose to give the skin more of a beauty treatment each time you use it than the normal t ( Full Answer )
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Who is the id tbnrfrags?

A famous youtube commentator that streams and uploads fantastic videos daily! He's the best out there!
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How do you get a digtial id?

A digital ID as the administration department of the company or place you want a digital id from. If you are student see the admin office to received it or as an employee chec ( Full Answer )
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What is the answer id to?

One answer would be that the id is according to Sigmund Freud the part of the psyche that we have at birth inherited from our parents and handed down in our genes. It consis ( Full Answer )