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What are abstract ideas?

An abstract idea is an idea that can be interpreted in many different ways. Some examples include: Betrayal, Charity, Courage, Cowardice, Cruelty, Forgiveness, Truth, ( Full Answer )
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What is a controlled idea?

A controlled idea is an idea that has emotions taken out of itcompletely. It has been methodically thought out before it is putinto use.
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Ideas of enlightenment?

There are many ways to "enlighten" yourself depending on which subject you want to "enlighten" yourself in. If you want to generally enlighten yourself, one of the first st ( Full Answer )
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How do you copyright an idea?

You cannot copyright an idea. Under current US law copyright will not protect names, titles, common words/phrases facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation. Under some ci ( Full Answer )
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What is the idea of snowboarding?

The idea of snowboarding is different depending on what type of snowboarding you want to know about! Like half pipe is mostly going from one side to the other and doing tricks ( Full Answer )
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How you can get ideas?

through your brain because when you think of something you brain sends you a signal through you brain stem located in the back of your skull. it tells you what you should say. ( Full Answer )
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When was the idea of the acropolis?

It was a high area on which a defensive fort was established. Asthe city grew around it, it had temples erected and city funds wereheld there under protection of the god.
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What is the idea of atonement?

Human beings ("men" hereinafter) are required to be without sin to have a relationship with God. Sinning-committing any sin, or sinfully failing to do what is required-blocks ( Full Answer )
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What are lamarcks ideas?

Lamarck knew evolution was happening, his inaccuracies are in how he explained it. The first part of his theory is known as "use it or lose it" today. He said that use make ( Full Answer )
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How do ideas form?

There are two schools of thought about where ideas come from. Oneis the "artist as antenna" concept, in which ideas float in somebarely perceptible aether waiting for someone ( Full Answer )
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What is preexisting ideas?

Preexisting idea is idea that you have conceived prior to the time of application or implementation
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What was the idea for transformers?

The main idea was showing people the main relations between humansand robots (technic). In some cases robots could be realy helpfull,in some other cases - not at all
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Who had the idea of horses?

1.God 2.In Greek Mythology, Poseidon created horses out of the waves to pull the chariot.
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Ideas on how to do your nails?

Get a nail art pen and buy your fave color nail polish and use the nail pen to decorate your nails. If you have short nails get some Sally Hansen Nail Growth Formula. I used t ( Full Answer )
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What contributes idea?

to put many ideas from many people in order to form big and creative ideas
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How do you get the main idea?

I believe that you get the main idea by using your brain like when you answer an easy question like: How many teethe do a shark have? Wrong Answer:4 Correct answer:5 D ( Full Answer )
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What is classifying ideas?

i don't know whta is an classifying idea that's why im here to know the answer :
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What is the idea of neoteny?

It is when a species of organisms evolve from or along common ancestry to retain juvenile traits in their ontogeny. Dogs retain juvenile traits of wolf pups, such as floppy ea ( Full Answer )
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What are the ideas of zoroaster?

Zoroastrianism was a dualist religion. Zoroaster believed in two "deities": one good, one evil. He believed that in the end the good deity would ultimately triumph. He also st ( Full Answer )
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What is a mistaken idea?

A mistaken idea is one without logic or proof. As examples: . A person where you used to live didn't like your family. Butyou moved from your old neighborhood to a different ( Full Answer )
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Where does she get ideas for her songs?

A girl gets good ideas from songs from her experiences or stories she's heard. She can also get it from other peoples lives or her wishes.
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Is idea a word?

Yes, idea is a word. You had a good idea to come and ask that question here.
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What is the idea of a poem?

Depends on what kind of poetry you're looking for. All poetry comes from different ideas. It's creative writing.
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What ideas did Hobbes have?

He believed people were by nature selfish and ambitious. He thought that the government need a monarch to control them >>--(king of kings)-->>
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Can you patent a idea?

Yes, some ideas can be patentable, but not all ideas. Some ideasmight be better protected by trademark or copyright protection,while others might not be protectable at all. Fo ( Full Answer )
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What was Herodotus ideas?

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What does the IDEA Wizard do?

The IDEA Wizard allows Keebler to collect information on each segment of its markets, then develop plans for specific retailers regarding self space and merchandising
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What do i do with my idea?

ummm.... what idea? tell it to ppl. make it famous! jk. but yeah u should tell it to ppl if u want ppl to know about it
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What are the project ideas?

tht was based on which kind of project but u can show it as one side environment with greenary and the other side environment which is polluted
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Who had similar ideas to Darwin's ideas?

Alfred Russel Wallace. There was one other man who published something in the appendix of a treatise on ship timbers that was very close to Darwin's and Wallace's insight, but ( Full Answer )
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How does she get her ideas for books?

It all depends on who HER is. There are lots of girl authors. I am a girl, and I get my ideas from what I feel deep down inside. You just have to look past what you see, you h ( Full Answer )
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Should it be I have no idea or I have know idea?

I am sorry but this is a little obvious: it's, "I have no idea." 'no' implies lack of, ie. "I am lacking an idea, I do not have an idea." 'know' implies the understanding of t ( Full Answer )
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How do you transfer balance from idea to idea?

From ur idea sim just type , Give [mobile no] [amount] to 55567 example, Give 09922397576 11 to 55567 , its easy to transfer by ths u can send bal limit starts fn 11 rs
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What idea came from the ideas of enlightenment?

This is not a valid question... However, many ideas from the Enlightenment were used by the Framers, and helped shape the United States Constitution.