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What is an 'idle cylinder'?

An idle cylinder refers to the state when the engine is not coupledwith the drivetrain and with throttle pedal not depressed. There isrotational speed but it is not enough to ( Full Answer )
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What is an idle motor?

An idle motor controls the idle-like when U turn on the AC,It will raise the RPM's so the engine doesn't stall. Idle motors are used on computer cars & instead of a screw adj ( Full Answer )
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How do you align the idle?

Answer . \nthere should be an idle posiotion control on side of throttle body doesn't cost much
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How do you adjust the idle?

\n. \n Adjusting the Idle . This depends if it is on a carbureator or on fuel-injection.\n. \nOn a carbureator, locate the idle adjustment screw and turn until idle is ( Full Answer )
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What is idle speed?

The lowest speed at which an engine operates smoothly when it is not carrying any type of load. In the case of aircraft engines, it is the engine RPM when the throttle or powe ( Full Answer )
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What does idle mean?

it means that they're online, but they haven't done anything in a long time It means not doing something for a period of time. In a car-running speed when stationary. sta ( Full Answer )
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Where is the idle for a pocketbike?

it is on the bottom of the corroborator and you need to use a flathead screw driver.
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What is Idle?

Answer . Idle is when the computer is on, but it is not in use at that time. For example, were you using the computer, then stopped for a period (you made no key depressi ( Full Answer )
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What is a idle pulley?

idle pulley is a pulley on an engine that does not drive any accesories ,such as water pump or alternator. it is put there to route the belt so as the belt will not hit or rub ( Full Answer )
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What does idle value?

Idle value refers to something that is inactive or not working. Itmay also refer to an individual that is unemployed.
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Engine will not idle?

Check and clean spark plugs distributer and rotor change air fillter and oil change wont hert
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What is the meaning of idle?

That is the lowest engine speed / RPMs that the engine will run smoothly with out dieing.
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What is the idle valve?

Fuel injected engines have a valve on the intake manifold designed to allow air to by pass the throttle plates. Its puprose is to adjust the amount of air allowed in the engin ( Full Answer )
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Why won't it idle?

Answer coolant temp sensor reading wrong to engine control unit, idle air control motor, vacuum leak, or problem w/airmass sensor. Should be a check engine light on, if so h ( Full Answer )
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Boat will not idle?

Well, that is kind of vague, but if it will idle better with the choke on, you have a fuel/carb issue. Check your spark plug type and gap. New gas, new plugs, possible clean c ( Full Answer )
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What is rough idling?

Rough idling is whenever the vehicle's motor "misses" or does not fire causing an imbalance and a loss of rotation reducing the motor's power and causing excessive shaking.
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Why does my Jeep not idle?

If you are having issues with it dying, start with cleaning your throttle body and clean or replace you Idler Air Control. That is mounted on the throttle body.
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What is a homonym for idle?

The homonym for idle is idol as in Americn Idol . My son, who lovesbaseball, said that his idol is Hank Aaron.
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What is the definition of idle?

the definition of idle is 42. the answer to EVERYTHING is simply the number 42. I'm just kidding even though that's true o.O the definition of idle is . . . . . . . . . . . . ( Full Answer )
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What is idle conversation?

It is when you talk to someone without actually listening to them. For example, your boss is telling you instructions but your favorite TV show is on. You continue focusing ( Full Answer )
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What is subsidize idleness?

Giving money to the poor is sometimes labeled "subsidizing idleness," but for some reason that disparagement is never directed at the subsidized idleness of the rich.
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What are idle assets?

Idle assets are assets that are lying unused or that are not earning any income. Any asset that is unused or not appreciating in value can be considered an idle asset. For exa ( Full Answer )
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What does idle stand for?

Idle does not stand for anything. An idle is somebody you believe you should follow as they have made an impact on you. ^^^that up there is wrong!^^^ True that Idle does ( Full Answer )
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What is idleness in a sentence?

The assembly line at the GMC factory in Detroit stood idle for 17.5 hours, for lack of spare parts.
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How do you define idleness?

Idleness means not engaged in any productive activity or the addiction to comfort or pleasure to the neglect of one's work or duties.
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Why is your idle eratic?

There can be a couple of reasons for your idle being eratic. one of which might be the carb. try cleaning it with carb and choke cleaner. if that doesnt do anything check all ( Full Answer )
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Is idle a verb?

It is a verb if used in the context of "to move lazily with nopurpose". Otherwise it is an adjective or a noun. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, e ( Full Answer )
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How do you be idle on Facebook?

To be idle on Facebook, you have to be logged onto Facbook but not have done anything for about 15 to 20 Minutes.
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Is idle a noun?

Idle can be a noun, though it can also be, and more often is, an adjective or a verb.
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What is the adverb for idle?

The adverb form of the adjective idle is idly . The participles of the verb to idle are idling and idled, but thesedo not form recognized adverbs.
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Who was Beethoven's Idle?

best clasical music composer Not sure he had one. His music was groundbreaking at the time - the 'acid rock' of the day. No-one else at that time was composing anything like ( Full Answer )
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What is IDLE in tf2?

Being idle in a Team Fortress 2 server means that you are not moving. There are tons of servers dedicated to being idle. These servers are called achievement_idle
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What is the meaning IDL?

The abbreviation or acronym IDL is most often used in both texting and social media outputs. The letters are meant to stand for the slang saying "I don't like".
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What is Idle RPM?

When an engine is in "idle" it is taking over by itself without anyacceleration (or load) being applied. This the "idle RPM" would bethe number of revolutions it makes per min ( Full Answer )
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What is the antonym of idle?

An antonym for the word idle could be moving. You could also sayactive or ambitious.