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In subspace where is Ike?

In the room where you find Donkey Kong, the one with the golden platforms, at the very bottom where you first appear, go all the way to the left instead of the right. This tro (MORE)
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Do you like Ike?

Yes I do actually, Even though he did violently beat Tina He plays a good guitar right, and Piano? This was in the past and Ike asked Tina for forgiveness so why cant we just (MORE)
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Where is ike?
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How is Ike?

it is good... but Ikea is betta...
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Who is Ike Fluellen?

Ike Fluellen is a former middleweight professional boxer from Houston, Texas.
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What do girls Ike about boys?

Well (im a girl so i should know) Girls like what boys smell like so would put some deodrent on, they like the way u look but it really depends on what they like for instance (MORE)
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What does Ike meen?

Ike is a nickname or abbreviation of the name Isaac, originally a Hebrew name meaning laughter.
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Do people Ike randy orton?

yes people like randy orton because the fans came to see randy not ted and Cody
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Who is Ike?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's nickname was Ike.