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What is Grosse Ile?

Grosse Ile is a little island in Quebec that, during the time that the British were coming to Canada, the ones that were sick were sent there so that they would not infect the ( Full Answer )
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Who was Il Duce and what did he do?

'Il Duce' is Italian for 'the chief' or 'the leader.' Mussolini gave himself this title as the leader of Fascist Italy.
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What is IL?

IL stands for Intermediate language. It is an object-orientedprogramming language that is used by compilers for the .NETFramework before static or dynamic compilation to machi ( Full Answer )
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Where is IL?

IL is the postal abbreviation for the state of Illinois. Illinois is located in the north-central region of the United States of America. The state is adjecent to Wisconsin to ( Full Answer )
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What does ils stand for?

In Aviation, ILS stands for Instrument Landing System, a series of signals that guide airplanes to the runway.
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What is il tricolore?

The Tricolore is another name for the French flag. The tricolor was invented during the French revolution and the colors represent the 3 statements of the Revolution: liberty, ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of IL?

IL is a abreaviation for Illionois An abreaviation is like a few letters that stand for something.
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Who is the mayor in IL?

Mayor of which city? Richard Daly is the Mayor of Chicago who is the son of the exmayor of Chicago. Pat Quinn is currently the Govenor of Illinois.
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What does IL IL mean in Latin?

"IL IL" doesn't mean anything in Latin, unless it's the number 49 written twice in Roman numerals, although even that is questionable since it violates the usual rules for sub ( Full Answer )
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How do you perform an ILS?

ILS Instrument Landing System It Answered by Alaa Eddin Abd Ellatef Airport Duty Officer Luxor Airport 02 0100 70 42 073