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What is an illness?

A illness is a type of sickness. So like your sick your ill. It the same thing as sickness almost. So you would be very ill.
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Why are you ill?

Because you have probably caught it of somebody, germs can spread very quickly and make you feel a bit down. The reason you are ill though is because your immune system isn't ( Full Answer )
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What will you do if you get ill in the arctic?

Basically the same as if you get ill anywhere else. Possibly, though, with the dilemma that you probably will face a challenge in keeping the ill warm (the core temperature sh ( Full Answer )
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What illnesses do lions have?

Infectious diseases which can affect lions include FelineInfectious Peritonitis and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Parasitessuch as tapeworms can also cause illness in lions.
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What illnesses can pandas get?

\ni do not know all the illnesses pandas can receive but i do know the they can get worms and many deceases from certain bamboos and bad bamboo i
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How do you pretend to be ill?

pretend to be sick by running into the bathroom and close the door now get a cup full of water and pour a bit in the toilet simultaneously make sick noises and make sure no-on ( Full Answer )
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What is the illness?

One day when I was chillin' in Kentucky Fried Chicken Just mindin' my business, eatin' food and finger lickin' This dude walked in lookin' strange and kind of funny Went ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a illness?

go have a cold shower and then sleep with no duvet hang on... you WANT to be ill?? Well, that's your choice, so here you go! If your gonna get yourself ill, you need an ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get ill?

The reason people get ill is in fact because microbes which is bacteria or viruses in the air, in sexual organs or on the skin get into your body and begin to kill off your ce ( Full Answer )
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What is decompression illness?

It is any illness that is related to a release of pressure from the body such as barotrauma .. baro (pressure) trauma (injury). It includes decompression sickness, but it is n ( Full Answer )
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How can you get ill from smoking?

When you continue to smoke you will be ill because there are 4,000 chemicals in a whiff after whiff of smoke. . \n
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Is fetish an illness?

Not necessarily. The question is, are you in control of the fetish, or does it control you? If it controls you -- that is, if you find that it interferes with your normal dail ( Full Answer )
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How do you get over an illness?

You should go to your doctor and let him give you a prescription and some medicine. Stay warm and eat warm soup or anything that is easy to digest. Drink alot of fluids and Vi ( Full Answer )
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What is the illness collamatocractcoolnessdepobia?

Its an illness of the prefrontal cortex of the brain and makes you too cool for school. It is a very rare disease and one living person today suffers from it, Julz DGiovanni.
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How can you pretend that your ill?

well you start the day before cos its more believable. you say you dont feel well, eat half your food, say you have stomach ache and go to bed early. the next morning, really ( Full Answer )
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What illness can horses get?

Horses can get illnesses such as colic, laminitis, equine flu, mud fever, rain rot, eye infections, thrush, west nile virus and more.
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Is phobia an illness?

a phobia is not as much a phobia as much as it is more of a mental disorder
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What cause of illnesses?

The causes of illness are not eating properly staying around others who have been unwell not keeping yourself warm in the cold staying near people who smoke can ca ( Full Answer )
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What is prolonged illness?

A Prolonged Illness is simply any illness that doesnt respond well to trteatment & drags on for a long time
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What will mental illness do to you?

The brain is the physical representation of the mind. The health of the brain depends on the state of the mind. The state of the conscious mind is dependent on the state of th ( Full Answer )
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What is Tchaikovsky's illness?

Tchaikovsky died from cholera, which was epidemic at that time. There is controversy over whether he committed suicide by purposely drinking unboiled water to contract the dis ( Full Answer )
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What can you do when your ill?

That depends on whats wrong with you but i suggest you lay in bed to get some rest
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What illnesses do you get from acne?

Acne generally doesn't lead to any other illnesses - it is simply a multifocal facial bacterial dermatitis.
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What do you do if you have illness?

wait till you are better. Wait 'till you are better? What kind of bighead schmuck B.S. remark is that? What if you have Cancer? Or the Grippe? NO! You don't wait 'till you ar ( Full Answer )
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How will you get illness?

There are some illnesses that are cause through heredity and some which are contagious through contact viral or any other.
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How do you get mental illness?

There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generation. It can skip generations and doesn't al ( Full Answer )
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How do you prented to be ill?

Today's Sunday there is no school. But here's what you do: do some exercises to get yourself tired, complain about go to the bathroom often and say you keep getting stomach ac ( Full Answer )
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What to do when mouse is ill?

depends on what is wrong with it but u should probably take it to a vet
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What is an undisclosed illness?

This is a term for an illness that is not made available to thepublic or to family/friends.
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What is a protracting illness?

A disease, which goes on and on despite treatment. Often it increases or leads to complications.
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Does illness means full of ill?

According to a dictionary illness means unhealthy, indisposed, or sick. But the archaic (out of use) definitions also means wickedness. So if you are thinking of 'ill' alon ( Full Answer )
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What illnesses can a calf get?

Any disease they're not vaccinated or dewormed for, including: . Red Water Disease (Leptospirosis) . Coccidiosis . Blackleg . Liver Flukes . Bovine Viral Diarrhea . Bo ( Full Answer )